Home Loan Maximum Tenure

Maximum Home Loan Tenure

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth – both financial affluence and emotional security” as quoted by Susan Lynn Orman, the American author, and a motivational speaker. Home loans have been able to bridge the gap between the dreams of buying a home to making it come true. In India as the buying capacity of people is increasing so is the demand for home loan. Home loans also come with an added advantage of tax benefit. Banks have made all possible efforts to lure the customer but providing home loans for different purpose.

In India Banks offer five different types of home loan products, the products include:

  • Home Purchase Loans- If you are buying a new house or an apartment in a building then home purchase loan is your best bet. The loan amount issued in this is 80% of the total amount of the house.  
  • Home Construction Loans- If you are willing to construct a house on a plot, you can choose home construction loan.
  • Top-Up Loan on Home Loan- In case you have a home loan and you wish to purchase furniture or wish to fund your son’s or daughter’s education or marriage, your best bet is a top-up loan. 
  • Home Improvement Loans- In case you are looking for renovating your house, opt for this loan. You can fund all kind of renovation like plumbing, painting, tiling, waterproofing, furnishing, etc.
  • Land Purchase loan- Some people prefer buying land and then building the house as per their requirement. Banks provide Land purchase loan which is 80% or 85% of the cost of the property. However, this does not give you the tax benefit.
  • Loan Against Property– If you own a property and need fund for your business or expansion of business, or for any other requirement like marriage or education, you can opt for the loan keeping your property as a security.

Home Loan Tenure: Home loan comes with tenure or a period in which the loan amount has to be repaid.  There are many factors that affect the home loan tenure, usually banks insist for a longer home loan tenure as it is financially beneficial for them.  


Factors that affect home loan:

  • Home Loan Amount– Analyse yourself how much amount you have to take as a home loan. If you have surplus funds, it is advisable to pay as a down payment to the builder and avail loan on the rest. You can choose this option if you have idle funds. If you have a higher loan amount and you can pay more EMI, it is advisable to opt for a lesser tenure.
  • Home Loan Interest Rate – When you go for a home loan, interest rate is the important factor in deciding the tenure of the  home loan. The interest rate keeps changing according to the RBI’s policies. If there is a rate cut by RBI, ensure from your borrower that the reduced interest rate is passed on to you. This will surely change your tenure of the home loan.
  • EMI – EMI and Tenure go hand in hand and are inversely related. It is important to decide which one you want to be higher. If you opt for a higher EMI, your tenure remains low. If you opt for a lower EMI, your tenure remains high. Calculate your option of EMI on home loan after you calculate your monthly unavoidable expenses, so that you don’t feel the pinch.
  • Age of the borrower – Tenure and age of the borrower are directly related. If you are 25 years old and you opted for a home loan, you have enough time to repay it. Also the banks allow you to opt to repay it by their respective maximum tenure limit. But if you are 45 years old, you can pay the EMI till you retire. So the tenure of you repaying the loan reduces and hence, banks also do not allow for opting their maximum tenure limit.


According to your needs and priorities, you have to decide the tenure and the type of product.

Here is the list of banks and HFCs with their maximum home loan tenure:

Banks and HFCs associated with Loanyantra Maximum Home Loan Tenure
SBI 30 Years
ICICI 30 Years
HDFC 30 Years
DHFL 30 Years
Indiabulls 30 Years
Standard Charted Bank 5 years
Aditya Birla Housing Finance 25 Years
IDBI 30 Years
Axis 30 Years
CITI 25 Years
HSBC 25 Years


Banks and HFC’s not associated with Loanyantra Maximum Home Loan Tenure
L&T Housing finance 20 years
Shriram Housing Finance 20 years
Canara Bank 30 years
L&T Housing finance 20 years
Shriram Housing Finance 20 years
AU Financiers Home Loan 20 Years
Federal Bank 30 Years
Bajaj Finserve Up to 20-25 years
Allahabad Bank 30 Years
Bank Of Baroda 30 Years
Bank of India 30 Years
Bank of Maharashtra 30 Years
Canara Bank 30 Years

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