5 Ways to Get Personal Loan for Employee of Proprietorship Company

There are ways to get personal loan or home loan for  an employee working in a Proprietorship Company or Firm.

While in emergency, the most sought option to arrange money is personal loan provided all other alternatives such as own savings or help from acquaintances fail to meet the requirement.
However before granting loan; lenders first check the income and the employer’s credibility. If the applicant works in a big company (public or private limited) and meets all other criteria including CIBIL score, salary etc. then approval is quick.

However if someone works in a proprietor firm then it becomes a challenge to get finance. This is because lender also check the credibility of the company applicant works for. Since in a proprietorship company ownership is held by a single person, so risks such as sustainability, turnover etc. always exists. For e.g. if anything unfortunate happens to the proprietor, then the whole business may come to standstill and there will be uncertainty in the job of employees i.e. company may shut down or workers will not get salary and so on. And in such cases, if any employee is granted a personal loan then repayment will become difficult due to no income.
Although there are loans which you can get by keeping securities as collateral with the bank. We would be discussing such financing options in this article.

Personal loan for employee of proprietorship firm
Personal loan for employee of proprietorship firm_loanyantra

So how can employee of proprietorship firm get personal loan? There are few solutions as follows:
High income: If the applicant works in a proprietor run company but earns good income which is higher than required by the lender then he/she has higher chance of finance approval. In addition to this, if the company is into business for a long time and profitable too then also the chances of getting personal loan increases. Salary slip and bank statement as required by the lender will help to prove the income.

Against fixed deposit: If the borrower has FD account with the bank then he can get personal loan against this FD at a lower interest rate with minimal documentation. Most importantly lender won’t check the employer’s credibility. This type of a loan is secured as the FD is pledged with the bank. And applicant will get loan amount which is 80% – 90% of the FD amount.

Against securities: Employee from proprietorship firm can also get personal loan by keeping LIC policy, gold, mutual fund, ETF, and savings bonds as a security with the bank. Calculation of the loan amount varies with each financier. Some may have a cap on the amount while others may lend money depending on the market value of the pledged security.

Peer lenders: If all of the above solutions fail then individual working at proprietorship company can apply for personal loan at peer to peer online loan marketplaces. Borrower gets an option to choose the investors (basically money lenders) and at the same time bargain for interest rate. Although every P2PL company has its own eligibility criteria, applicant has vast options to choose a lender. Also called as PTPL, these marketplaces are secured way of getting personal loan and charges are very less compared to banks.

Private money lenders: This option is mentioned but should be avoided as much as possible. Because they take control of your assets such as property or gold or any other till the complete repayment is done. And there are cases of fraudulent activities conducted by these lenders of forging the documents and taking control of the assets. Negative sides of getting personal loan from them is that interest rate charged is very high and recovery process is very bad. Ofcourse there are few benefits such as no credit history check, quick disbursal of money, flexi-repayment option, etc. as happens with banks.

So as mentioned above there are multiple options for employee of a proprietor owned company to get personal loan. Remember to payback all the EMI on time and fully which will help in getting a good CIBIL score.

Personal Loan for Employee working for Proprietorship Firm – 

Usually, the personal loan tenure is minimum of 1 year and maximum 5 years. It is easy when you go with Loanyantra.com as dedicated relationship manager explains you about your eligibility, different banks criteria, interest rates and about legal documents. All you need is your salary slip, address proof, reliable and profitable proprietorship firm, for personal loan for employees of proprietorship firm. All you need to do is just give a missed call to 040-71011991. And get a call back and get personal loan instantly as an employee of a proprietorship firm.


Personal loan from HDFC Bank

Personal Loan from HDFC Bank Via Loanyantra.com

HDFC Bank’s Personal Loans are easy-to-get, quick and convenient. You can use a HDFC Bank personal loan for a variety of purposes, including travel, wedding expenses, home renovation, in a medical emergency or to buy a gadget.

HDFC Bank Private Banking Group has been recognized as the No. 1 Bank in the High Net Worth clients’ category in Euromoney’s Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 12018.  Also awarded by Business Today as Best Bank of the year 2018, Best in Innovation, Fastest Growing Large Bank.

Private Banking Services are powered by the best technology that you have come to expect in all aspects of your life.

Loanyantra.com feels proud to partner with HDFC Bank, a giant in banking industry. Home loans and personal loans at a customised interest rate and a complete priceless loan monitoring and management is what loanyantra provides. It is a great choice to opt for a loan from HDFC bank via Loanyantra.com.

Out of many what HDFC offers in different sectors, HDFC Personal loans mark a really unique influence.

HDFC Personal Loans

HDFC Bank, India’s No 1 Bank, provides personal loans with hassle-free documentation and superfast disbursals.
Besides speedy and transparent processing, the Bank offers a host of other benefits on its personal loans including flexible tenures and competitive interest rates.
These unmatched benefits from HDFC Bank make the products among the best personal loans in India.

Features of Personal loan from HDFC Bank – 

  • Fulfil Your Every Need
    No matter what your needs, HDFC Bank can customise a Personal Loan for you. Existing HDFC Bank account holders can avail special offers, interest rates and charges. First-time Loan customers can also avail of a host of benefits.
  • Transfer Loan Balance with Ease
    Transfer your existing Personal Loan to HDFC Bank. Enjoy lower EMIs and SAVE on your interest payments
    Interest rates as low as 11.39% on the existing loan transfer
    Flat processing fee of only Rs. 1999.
    To transfer your loan balance, Loanyantra.com is one of the authorised channel partner to get you a personal loan from HDFC bank at a lower interest rate than the existing market rate. Also get a complimentary service of managing your loan till you close it.
  • Quick Eligibility Check & Disbursal
    Check your Personal Loan eligibility online or at select branches in just 60 seconds. Once all your papers are submitted, the loan will be disbursed in just one working day.
  • Stay Protected – Personal Accident Cover : For a nominal premium, you can avail of Personal Accident cover of up to Rs. 8 lakhs, and Critical Illness cover of up to Rs. 1 lakh. The premium for these policies will be deducted from the loan amount at disbursal. Applicable taxes and surcharge/cess will be charged extra.
Personal loan from HDFC Bank via loanyantra.com
Personal loan from HDFC Bank via loanyantra.com

Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan From HDFC Bank –

The following people are eligible to apply for a Personal Loan:

  • Salaried doctors, CAs, employees of private limited companies, employees from public sector undertakings, including central, state and local bodies.
  • Individuals between 21 and 60 years of age
  • Individuals who have had a job for at least 2 years, with a minimum of 1 year with the current employer
  • Those who earn a minimum of Rs. 15,000 net income per month (Rs. 20,000 in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Cochin)

Documentation Details for Personal Loan From HDFC Bank – 

Now in digital India, with Aadhar card the final and original proof, documentation has become very easy and accessible.

The following documents are required along with your Personal Loan application:
Identity proof (copy of passport/voter ID card/driving license/Aadhaar)
Address proof (copy of passport/voter ID card/driving license/Aadhaar)
Bank statement of previous 3 months (Passbook of previous 6 months
Latest salary slip/current dated salary certificate with the latest Form 16.

5 Things You Should Know before Applying for a Personal Loan from HDFC Bank – 

  1. You pay the loan in equal monthly instalments (EMIs). The loan will be paid through post-dated cheques. You can also pay through ECS or a standing instruction to debit your HDFC Bank account with the EMI amount. Calculate how much you need to pay each month through the EMI calculator. Or whenever there is a query regarding the loan interest rate or tenure, loanyantra.com clarifies if you are an existing loanyantra customer.
  2. No pre-payment permitted until repayment of 12 EMIs. Prepayment charges are applicable if you prepay the loan within 3-24 Months – 4% of Principal Outstanding,25-36 Months – 3% of Principal Outstanding
    >36 Months – 2% of Principal Outstanding. The additional charges (if any) are applicable in case you default or in case of SWAP (i.e. change the repayment mode).
  3. If you wish to change the mode of repayment of Personal loan from HDFC Bank, Post Dated Cheques(PDCs)/Security Cheques submitted towards loan repayment that have not been encashed, will be defaced and retained by the Bank.
    In case, you wish to have your old Post Dated Cheques(PDCs)/ Security Cheques to be returned to you, you should lodge a request at the Retail Loan Service Center or through PhoneBanking or email at www.hdfcbank.com/services within 45 days from the date of application of change in repayment instructions.
  4. You should mention in your loan application a Guarantor, a person who guarantees to pay for your debt as a default on a loan obligation. Also get the signature done and also check if the guarantor’s credit scoring is good.
  5. Once you close the personal loan from HDFC Bank, get all the documents back and get a NOC from the banker and ask him to inform the CIBIL to maintain your credit scoring.

Know more about Personal loan from HDFC bank via loanyantra and get the loan disbursed as fast as nowhere else. Get proper guidance at every step from Loanyantra’s dedicated executives.




Personal Loan FAQs

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a type of loan which can be used for your personal use like for a holiday, wedding, etc. Personal loan is comparatively easy to obtain when you are in urgent need. An important point to note is that personal loan comes at a higher interest rate as compared to other loans. Thus, you should only go for this, if you can repay it. You can take a personal loan for up to five years. As compared to other loans, the personal loan requires lesser paperwork. The amount of personal loan depends on the income of the person.

Am I eligible for a personal loan?

Any individual who has a regular source of income can take a personal loan; you can be a working professional, salaried person or a business owner.

What is the minimum amount of personal loan that I can take?

Yes, there is a minimum amount. Although, the loan amount is different for different financial institutions. Most of the money lenders have set the minimum loan amount to be 30,000.

What is the tenure of a personal loan?

The tenure for loan year ranges from 1 – 5 years. Few financial institutions also offer seven years loan tenure.

Can I have a co-applicnat for personal loan ?

It’s true that you can apply along with your spouse. Having a co-applicant increases your income bracket, thus making you eligible for a higher loan amount. But, at the same time, you should remember that a poor credit history of the co-applicant might adversely affect your loan application.

What is the basis for calculation of maximum loan amount?

In case of salaried people, the banks or the financial institution, from where the person is taking the loan, makes sure that the EMI of the loan should be 30% -40% of the total take home salary. If the borrower is already availing some other loan like home loan, car loan, etc. then, these factors are also taken into consideration while calculating the personal loan amount. In case of self-employed people, the profit earned in the most recent P/L Statement is considered. Banks also considers other liabilities of the applicant before calculating the EMI and loan amount.

What are the documents required for personal loan application?

Although, the documentation process is different for different financial institutions. But, there are a few documents which are commonly required by almost every financial institution and banks.

Here is the list of documents for personal loan that you must have while applying :

  • Income proof like salary slip for working professionals, ITR is required in case of self-employed individuals. Banks may ask for the most recent Profit and Loss Statement as well for business owners and self-employed individuals.
  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof like Adhaar card, Pan card, passport, etc.

Is there any pre-payment charges in case the person wants to pre-pay the personal loan?

There are times when a person might want to pay off the loan before the loan tenure period, in that case, the banks or the financial institutions charge additional ad fees which are known as pre-payment or foreclosure. This amount usually ranges between 1%-2% of the principal outstanding amount. Again, some for some banks the foreclosure amount might be higher.

For any help regarding personal loan, Loanyantra is completely on your support. Get proper guidance and faster disbursal at a lower interest rate and also get cash back offers. All you need to do is just give a missed call to 040-71011991. Get a call back from a dedicated relationship manager.



Indiabulls dhani personal loan

Personal loans exclusively from Indiabulls dhani personal loan features quick, easy and fast personal loans.

After five years of study, it is stated that the search is majorly from mobiles than from PCs and laptops. So, Indiabulls came up with an innovative personal loan feature known as Indiabulls dhani personal loan.

What is Indiabulls dhani personal loan?

To make you reach your financial needs with much ease, Indiabulls introduced first of its kind, loans from phone, called Indiabulls dhani personal loan.

Do you have an Aadhar card? If yes, then the personal loan is sanctioned and disbursed through your phone to your account.

Never miss any of your needs, any of those pending vacation, any of those dream aims. Celebrate your life with this new feature in your phone. Fulfil every dream by attending to it financially within minutes.

How does Indiabulls dhani personal loan work?

It works in three steps.

  1. Download the app in your phone from playstore or app store.
  2. Enter your loan amount, aadhar number.
  3. Get money in your account instantly.

Indiabulls dhani personal loan – features and benefits

  • Use your smart phone, know your aadhar number. That’s all you need to know to get maximum Rs. 15 lakhs amount in your account as personal loan.
  • Never leave your dream unfulfilled – As the process is so easy, it just takes seconds to get your dream true.
  • The lean interface leaves the user with quickest experience with fastest loan disbursement.
  • No need to apply your documents. Just enter your aadhar number and get the loan amount disbursed in your account.

How Loanyantra helps

Personal loans through Loanyantra is the best way out there in the market. Know every detail about every product, every feature about each loan. Loanyantra is known for its customised service with happy feedback. Manage your loan through our dedicated customer relationship manager. Receive market updates and interest rate changes as and when there is a change. All you need to do is just a missed call to 040-71011991.


What you don’t know about BITCOINS

Is Bitcoins legal in India?

At present, there are no regulations governing virtual currencies like bitcoins in India. RBI, on December 24, 2013, issued a press release on virtual currencies like bitcoins, litecoins, bbqcoins, dogecoins stating that creation, trade and usage of virtual currencies as a medium for payment is not authorized by any central bank or monetary authority. Further, RBI has cautioned virtual currency traders and users to various security related risks such as hacking, malware attack etc.

While RBI has not legalized bitcoins, it has declared them unauthorized as of now. RBI is currently examining the risks associated with the usage, holding and trading of virtual currencies under the extant legal and regulatory framework of India, including foreign exchange and payment systems laws and regulations.

There is enough scope for legalizing bitcoins. One has to wait and watch as to which approach the Indian government takes. Keeping pace with the changing times, Indian government will have to come out with appropriate amendments in the foreign exchange and information technology laws to specifically include bitcons.

What are the popular bitcoin websites that do transactions?

HighKart.com became the first e-commerce site in India to exclusively accept bitcoins as a payment method. WERWIRED, a Bangalore-based geospatial, security and entertainment consulting company offered bitcoins as a mode of payment for its customers. Castle Bloom, a salon in Chandigarh, became the first physical outlet to start accepting the digital currency. Buysellbitco.in, an online portal dealt in buying and selling of bitcoins in India. But it was raided by the Enforcement Directorate.

Some of the Indian Exchanges to Buy Bitcoins are PocketBits, Unocoin, Zebpay, Coinsecure.

PocketBits is one of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange to Buy & Sell Bitcoins or Altcoins in India.

Unocoin is one of the India’s Trusted Bitcoin Company having more than 150,000 users. Buy and Sell Bitcoins in India from Unocoin. Apart from Buying and Selling Bitcoins, you can Send & Receive Bitcoins. It can also be used to do Prepaid/Postpaid Recharges. Unocoin can be accessed from the Website and Unocoin also has an Android & iOS App

What is the value of the bitcoin?

The value of the bitcoin varies in each website. Please do check with different traders and in different websites before buying it.

Who are those trading in bitcoins in India?

Tech-savvy young investors, real estate players and jewellers are among those invested in bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

How do I invest in Bitcoins?

You can get bitcoin by:
– Mining them (the process by which new Bitcoins are generated by solving the math problems quoted in the website).
– Purchasing them from bitcoin exchange for real money
– Receiving them in return for sale of goods or services

persoanl loans for bitcoins
Personal loans for bitcoins

Is it worth investing in bitcoins?

Today’s world is running towards digitalisation. So, it is not quite far for India to reach the so called Digital currency stage. Just that the Government has to make it regularised.

Ofcourse, it is worth investing once the government regularises it.

Is it safe investing in Bitcoins?

The network is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly through the use of cryptography, without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in an immutable public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

The Sharp rise in bitcoin exchange rate in recent years (from $1000 to $1300 for January-April 2017 and from $1300 to $1700 in the last two weeks) raises concerns that the rate may “collapse” and even to return to their former positions; however, bitcoin had and still have serious preconditions for growth, so it is not necessary to consider this growth as a “bubble”.

What is the minimum amount needed to buy Bitcoins in India?

You need not buy one Bitcoin to begin investing with. You can start with buying a part of the Bitcoin. The minimum amount needed to begin investing in Bitcoins is around Rs.500.

How is investing in Bitcoins advantageous for me?

Bitcoin shows stable annual scale, growth rates, and there is reason to believe that this trend will continue. The graph below shows that the exchange rate of bitcoin over the last 12 months has increased about 4 times from 450 to $ 1,700.

Bitcoins have a number of benefits. It significantly reduces transaction costs, enables the growth, ease and security of e-commerce and physical transactions, etc.

What are the disadvantages of bitcoins?

– When goods are bought using Bitcoins, and the seller doesn’t send the promised goods, nothing can be done to reverse the transaction. This problem can be solved using a third party escrow service like ClearCoin, but then, escrow services would assume the role of banks, which would cause Bitcoins to be similar to a more traditional currency.
– Risk of Unknown Technical Flaws : The Bitcoin system could contain unexploited flaws. As this is a fairly new system, if Bitcoins were adopted widely, and a flaw was found, it could give tremendous wealth to the exploiter at the expense of destroying the Bitcoin economy.

Do be aware that most of them are out there to scam you. If you do decide to invest, make sure it’s going to a legit company that pays you back.

What are the legal procedures to buy Bitcoins in India?

Submit your PAN card and a valid address proof and a bank account. Make sure that the PAN and bank account belongs to the same person. The verification process takes about 2-3 working days. After this, you are good to go.

Do we get loans to invest in Bitcoins?

It depends on the risk potential. Say if you can afford some EMI for loans then you should go for it .

Investment is always Good.. And as you can see the bitcoins is going popular as compared to share market or any other investment plans in INDIA.
so, it is important for the money to be invested to increase your returns.

Find out some interest bearing funds when you invest in bitcoins. For example, BitBays is an exchange website which pays a small promotional interest rate on all balances held on their site.

So, calculate your interest to be paid on your loan and the interest gained in bitcoin investments and the final returns expected once you sell the bitcoins. Only if you are sure of gains, you can go for the loan.

What is the procedure to get loan for bitcoins?

The loan can be taken as personal loan as the reason for the personal loan need not be mentioned. The procedure can be followed just as you follow for the personal loan.

What  you should know before investing in bitcoins?

Since use of bitcoin involves high level of risks, unless ambiguity surrounding bitcoins is resolved its use cannot be foolproof.

Research before investing in Bitcoins. There are many websites and it is recommended to find the correct and trustworthy one.

How is the tax calculated when you trade in bitcoins?

The tax aspect of bitcoins is also a grey area, in order to comply with the income tax regulations, a person accepting bitcoins against services should pay income tax after converting bitcoins into rupees and the bitcoin sellers who earn profit can pay capital gains tax (if selling after a long duration). Such steps will legitimize the unregulated bitcoins transactions.

There are actually 3 ways in which you earn bitcoin & the taxation differs from one to another.

The income tax authorities may choose to tax the gains from bitcoins under the head “Income from other sources”. Further, if the income gets taxed under “Income from other sources”, the taxpayer would have to pay taxes at a rate as applicable to the tax slab he falls under. For eg, if his taxable income exceeds Rs 10 lakh, he would be liable to a tax @ 30% as against the flat rate of tax of 20% he would be liable to pay, if charged to tax under long-term capital gains. The benefit of indexation as would be available if taxed under capital gains , would also not be available if taxed under Income from other sources.

India has sent tax notices to tens of thousands of people dealing in cryptocurrency after a nationwide survey showed more than $3.5 billion worth of transactions have been conducted over a 17-month period.

So, it is also important to know the taxation rules and also to pay the tax when needed.

In summation, bitcoins are digital cash and decentralized, peer-to-peer payment system. Being volatile in nature, care has to be taken that a mechanism is devised to tackle risks associated with fraud and money laundering. Regulators will have to take steps to provide individuals and businesses with rules to integrate this new technology with the formal regulated financial systems.



Compare personal loan interest rates – 2018

Compare Personal Loan Interest Rates – 2018

Compare personal loan interest rates and get aware of which lender fits in your budget. Know more and calculate and save maximum on your personal loan.

Personal loans are the loans which offer higher flexibility, and  can get them quickly as compared to the other loans available in the market. If you are undergoing a financial crisis and don’t have funds, then you can opt for personal loan. However, certain objectives cannot be fulfilled with personal loan.

Here is the list of purpose for which you can get the loan and the objectives which cannot be sufficed with it.

Purposes for which loan is given
Payment of credit card
Child education
Land purchase
Medical expense

Purpose for which loan is not given
Home construction
Business expansion

Personal loans similar to any other loan, also has an interest rate. However, different banks have different personal loan interest rates. Here is the list of the prominent banks and their offered personal loan interest rates.

compare personal loan interest rate
Compare personal loan interest rate via loanyantra.com


Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates
Citibank 10.99% – 16.49%
SBI Personal Loan 12.50% – 16.60%
HDFC Bank Personal Loan 10.99% – 20.00%
ICICI Bank Personal Loan 10.99% – 22.00%
RBL Bank 13.99% – 16.00%
Canara Bank 13.65% – 13.65%
Dena Bank 13.00% – 14.00%
Union Bank of India 14.40% – 14.40%
Vijaya Bank 12.50% – 13.50%
Andhra Bank 13.05% – 14.30%
Allahabad Bank 13.10% – 13.10%
Bajaj Finserv 11.99% – 15.50%
Standard Chartered Bank 11.49% – 20.00%
Bank of Baroda 11.60% – 16.60%
Corporation Bank 12.75% – 13.75%
IDBI Bank 13.20% – 13.75%
Indian Bank 14.35% – 14.85%
IDFC Bank 11.00% – 19.50%
Axis Bank 11.25% – 24.00%
Tata Capital 11.99% – 18.00%
Fullerton India 14.00% – 34.00%
IndusInd Bank 11.99% – 23.00%
Kotak Bank 11.50% – 24.00%
IIFL 12.99% – 19.99%
Yes Bank 11.99% – 20.00%
Bank of Maharashtra 15.10% – 15.10%
Federal Bank 13.32% – 15.12%
Indian Overseas Bank 12.70% – 15.25%
Syndicate Bank 14.20% – 14.20%
Karur Vysya Bank 13.90% – 16.40%
Punjab National Bank 12.25% – 15.25%

However, personal loans are the loans which rescue at the crux of any financial crisis. Lenders usually don’t ask the reason behind lending but look for the proper documents. Know more about genuine reasons to get personal loan..

Reasons to Get a Personal Loan

Why go through Loanyantra for a personal loan –

Loanyantra, an online platform for all your financial needs. It is the first ever fintech company to manage your loan till the closure. Usually, you find personal loan interest rates are a little higher when compared to any other loan interest rates. Here is when loanyantra helps you getting a personal loan at the best rate. Also avail wonderful offers like cashback and referral offers by getting a loan through loanyantra.com.



Personal Loan Interest Rates

All About Personal Loan Interest Rates

Loans are the best way to afford a good and decent lifestyle. Thanks to the various options rendered by the financial system, we now have many loans ; we have loans for house, house renovation, car purchase, education etc.  

Amongst all these, we have personal loan which can be used to meet the current and emergent financial needs. It is a type of unsecured loan . This loan is available at a higher interest rate and this is primarily because you don’t need any security to avail this loan .

The best part about personal loan is that you have the flexibility to use this loan as per your convenience . To be precise, personal loan is an instant source of cash which you can use as per your requirement.

Key Features of Personal Loan-

  • Hassle free loan approval
  • No need for guarantee
  • Flexibility to use the loan money
  • Unsecured loan
  • Source of instant cash
  • Higher interest rate

Why Choose a Personal Loan?

Well, a personal loan is always a good option if you are looking for instant cash. Personal loan is a last resort for any financial emergencies or to fullfill your lifelong desires or for a wishful life.

Though it is so accessible, it’s advisable to check the personal loan  interest rate. Since personal loans are unsecured and most of the banks, don’t need a guarantor for the same, the banks and the financial lenders  have comparatively a higher Personal loan interest rate.


How can you use personal loan? Here is a list of things you can do with the personal loan :

  1. House renovation
  2. Wedding
  3. Buying gadgets
  4. Going on holiday / vacation
  5. Emergency need like clearing the dues, investing in business and many others

The primary reason why some people tend to choose personal loan over others is that it requires lesser documentation and are highly flexible. Most of the banks and NBFCs provide the personal loan. It is easy to apply and avail personal loan, but, you must fulfill specific eligibility criteria.

General Eligibility Check for Personal Loan Applicant – 

Minimum Age 21 years
Maximum Age 60 years
Employment Salaried professionals/business owners/Professionals and  others
Employment Status Employed or in-business for at least two years. And at least one year with current employer/business
Minimum Income Rs.4000-20,000 per month
Maximum Loan Amount Up to 50 lacs, but it also varies with the income, repayment capacityand existing EMI
CIBIL Score 350-900

Here is the list of the banks Loanyantra is tied up with for personal loans.

Personal loan interest rates –
Bank Name Personal loan Interest Rate Minimum Tenure- Maximum Tenure Personal Loan Amount
Citi Bank 10.99% – 15.99% 1-5 years Max-30Lakhs.
Axis Bank 15.50% to 24% p.a. 1-5 years Min- Rs 50,000

Max-Rs 15 lakhs.

STANDARD CHARTERED BANK 10.99% – 14.49% 1-5 years Max- 30lakhs.
HDFC Bank 10.99% – 20.75% 1-5 years Max- 25Lakhs
FULLERTON 14% – 33% 1-4 years Max- 15lakhs
HSBC 11.29% p.a. to 17.5% up to 5 years Max- 30 lakhs
ICICI 10.99% to 22.00% per annum 1-5 years Max- 20lakhs
IDBI 12.75% to 13.75% up to 5 years Min- Rs. 50,000


SBI 12.90% – 14.90% 5 Years Min- 25,000

Max- 15 lakhs

Why Choose loanyantra over many other for lower personal loan interest rates

About Loanyantra- We are one of the leading service providers when it comes for those searching for any financial service ‘online’.  We assist you in finding the right bank which can offer you the best rates.

Loanyantra for Lower personal loan interest rates – Loanyantra marks a different place in the market as it outstands it responsibility w.r.t the customer providing personal loans at a comparatively lesser interest rate from your favourite bank. 

When you look for a faster process and an immediate disbursal of personal loan amount, we are on top of the ladder among many whom you can rely on.

Continue to celebrate life as we take care of your personal loan process and that too for a lower interest rate and also cash back if any offers available.  Connect with us to know more about a personal loan. All you have to do is just dial a missed call to 040-71011991.

Personal loan from SBI

Personal loan from SBI is categorized into different sectors. You also have the opportunity of taking two personal loans at a time if you are an SBI customer.

Advantages of taking a personal loan from SBI- 
  • Low interest rate and the  interest rate is charged on a daily reducing balance.
  • Low processing charges
  • No hidden costs /administrative charges.
  • No security required and minimal documentation.
Documents Required for a Personal loan from SBI – 
  • Passport size photograph
  • Latest salary slip and form 16.
Personal Loans from SBI – Categories – 
  1. SBI Saral Personal loan
  2. Xpress Credit Personal loan
  3. SBI loan for pensioners

Let us discuss in detail about all the categories of personal loan from SBI.

SBI Saral Personal loan : 

Eligibility for  SBI Saral Personal loan – 

A Salaried individual of good quality corporate, self employed engineer, doctor, architect, chartered accountant, MBA with minimum 2 year of experience.

Loan Limit for Saral Personal Loan from SBI –

Your personal loan limit would be determined by your income and repayment capacity.

Minimum :
Rs.24,000/- in metro and urban centres
Rs.10,000/- in rural/semi-urban centres
Maximum :
12 times Net Monthly Income for salaried individuals and pensioners subject to a ceiling of Rs.10 lakhs.

Margin for SBI Saral Personal Loan – No margin

Repayment for SBI Saral Personal Loan – 48 EMIs. You can also increase your EMI amount with no penalty or prepayment charges.

Prepayment Charges for SBI Saral Personal loan – 

  • Any prepayment of EMIs in full or in part and closure of account before the end of term will attract the prepayment charges of 3% on prepaid amount
  • No prepayment/ foreclosure charges will be applicable if the account is closed from the proceeds of a new loan account opened under the same scheme

Processing Fees for SBI Saral Personal loan –  2% – 3% of the loan amount + applicable Service Tax

Xpress Credit Personal Loan from SBI : 

Need funds for any unseen expenses? Or planning  a family vacation? Don’t miss out because of financial crisis. Personal loan from SBI is available with different features. Xpress Credit personal loan from SBI is available to the below mentioned employees maintaining salary account with SBI at zero margin.

    • Central and state Government
    • Quasi-Government
    • Central PSUs
    • Profit making State PSUs
    • Educational Institutions of National Repute
    • Selected Corporates who have business relationship with the Bank
    • Corporates who do not have business relationship with the Bank as well as do not have ECR, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Income  Requirement for Xpress Credit Personal loan from SBI – 

    • Minimum Net Monthly Income (NMI) : Rs.5000/-
    • EMI/NMI Ratio should not exceed 50%

    Loan Amount for Xpress Credit Personal loan from SBI –

    (i) Term Loan:

    • Min: Rs.25,000/-
    • Maximum: 24 times NMI subject to maximum of Rs 15.00 lacs.

    (ii) Overdraft:

    • Minimum: Rs.5.00 lacs,
    • Maximum: 24 times NMI subject to maximum of Rs 15.00 lacs.

    The OD will be subject to monthly reduction in DP so that DP becomes NIL in 60 months

    Note: Maximum loan amount for School Teachers is capped at 12 months Gross Salary both under Term Loan and Overdraft facility

    Repayment Period for Xpress Credit Personal Loan from SBI

Maximum 60 months or residual service period whichever is less.

  1. Provision for 2nd Loan for XPRESS CREDIT PERSONAL LOAN FROM SBI –Second Loan can be taken after 1 year of disbursement of the first loan. Only if the 1st loan has been satisfactorily conducted and is regular at the time of sanction of 2nd Loan.
  2. There cannot be more than 2 Xpress Credit Loans standing in the name of a borrower. However this is subject to the overall EMI/NMI ratio of 50%
  3. Margin : Nil
  4. Security : Nil
  5. Third Party Guarantee : Nil
  6. Prepayment terms : No prepayment/ foreclosure charges will be applicable if the account is closed from the proceeds of a new loan account opened under the same scheme.

Charges/Fees of Xpress Credit Personal Loan from SBI

  1. Processing Fees – 1% of the Loan Amount + applicable Service Tax
  2. Penal Interest – Penal Interest @2% p.a. would be charged over and above the applicable interest rate on the overdue amount for the period of default. If part installment or part EMI remains overdue then penal interest should not be levied.
  3. Prepayment Charges – Any prepayment of EMIs in full or in part and closure of account before the end of term will attract the prepayment charges of 3% on prepaid amount.

Interest Rates for Xpress Credit Personal loan from SBI – 

Xpress Credit to employees of Rated Corporates (W.E.F. 01.11.2017) with No Reset:


Facility Type Check Off Category Rating 2 year MCLR Spread over 2 year MCLR Effective Interest Rate
Term Loan
Check Off
A- and above
Term Loan
Check Off
BBB+ and below
Term Loan
No Check off
A- and above
Term Loan
No Check off
BBB+ and below
Check Off
A- and above
Check Off
BBB+ and below
No Check off
A- and above
No Check off
BBB+ and below

Xpress Credit to employees of Unrated Corporates (W.E.F. 01.11.2017) with No Reset :


Facility Type Check Off Category Credit Bureau Score 2 year MCLR Spread over 2 year MCLR Effective Interest Rate
Term Loan
Check Off
Term Loan
Check Off
700 – 799
Term Loan
No Check off
= 800
Term Loan
No Check off
700 – 799
Check Off
= 800
Check Off
700 – 799
No Check off
= 800
No Check off
700 – 799

Xpress Credit – IT Employees Scheme : Rate of Interest (W.E.F. 01.11.2017) with No Reset :


Credit Info Bureau Score 2 year MCLR Spread over 2 year MCLR Effective Interest Rate
750 and above
550 – 749
Less than 550 / No Score

Xpress ELITE SCHEME : Rate of Interest (W.E.F. 01.11.2017) with 1 year Reset Period
SBI Salary Package A/C Holders


Credit Info Bureau Score 1 year MCLR Spread over 1 year MCLR Effective Interest Rate
800 and above
700 – 779
600-699 / No Score
Less than 600
No Loan (This will override even if the applicant has clear sanction/ refer to higher authority as per the Personal Loan Risk Scoring Model).

Other than Salary Package A/c Holders (including Applicants not maintaining Salary A/c with our Bank)


Credit Info Bureau Score 1 year MCLR Spread over 1 year MCLR Effective Interest Rate
800 and above
700 – 779
600-699 / No Score
Less than 600
No Loan (This will override even if the applicant has clear sanction/ refer to higher authority as per the Personal Loan Risk Scoring Model).

Xpress Credit – Non-Permanent Employees (NPEs)

Employer Type Rate of Interest
i) Central and State Government, Quasi-Government, Central PSUs, State PSUs, Defence personnel, Educational Institutions of National Repute

Check-off Category-I * :

  • 430 bps above 2 yr MCLR i.e. 12.35%

Check-off Category-II * :

  • 640 bps above 2 yr MCLR i.e. 14.45%
ii) Co-operatives/ Institutions not covered under regular Xpress Credit loan scheme and Unrated Corporates

Check-off Category-I * :

  • 505 bps above 2 yr MCLR i.e. 13.10%

Check-off Category-II * :

  • 665 bps above 2 yr MCLR i.e. 14.70%
SBI Pension Loan / Personal Loan for pensioners from SBI :

If you are a Central or State Government or Defense pensioner drawing your pension through one of the SBI branches and are not more than 76 years of age, you can avail of a loan from your branch to meet your personal expenses. We understand you may have an urgent or unexpected need for funds or a family obligation to be fulfilled and appreciate your association with us.

Nominal processing fees (Nil Processing Fees for Defence Pensioners), no hidden costs and quick loan processing. Whenever you have some surplus funds, you can credit your loan account, thereby reducing your loan liability and interest burden.

Eligibility for Personal loan from SBI  :

(A) For Pensioners:

(i) For Central & State Government Pensioners:

The pensioner should not be more than 76 years of age In addition, pensioners whose pensions are disbursed by Government Treasuries by means of cheques drawn in favour of SBI branches, as per mandate of the pensioner, are also proposed to be included. In such cases, the original Pension Payment Order (PPO) remains in the custody of the Treasury and the pensioner gives a mandate to the Treasury for payment of pension through a particular branch of a bank.

Such pensioners will be included under the purview of the Scheme subject to the following conditions:

  • The pensioner concerned furnishes an irrevocable undertaking that he will not amend his mandate to the Treasury to pay his pension from the branch, during the currency of a loan availed by him from SBI.
  • The Treasury concerned consents in writing that it will not accept any request from the pensioner to transfer his pension payment to any other bank/ branch till an NOC is issued by the Bank.

All other terms and conditions of the Scheme will be applicable, including guarantee of the spouse (who will be eligible for family pension) or a suitable third party. The norms for family pensioners will continue.

(ii) For Defence Pensioners:

Pensioners of Armed Forces, including Army, Navy and Air Force, Paramilitary Forces (CRPF, CISF, BSF, ITBP, etc.), Coast Guards, Rashtriya Rifles and Assam Rifles who’s Pension Payment Order is with SBI.

There is no minimum age bar under this scheme.

The Maximum age at the time of availing the personal loan should be 76 years.

(B) For Family Pensioners (including Defence Family Pensioners) :

Family pensioner, i.e. spouse authorized to receive pension after the death of the pensioner, subject to condition that family pensioner should not be more than 76 years of age.

Loan  Amount for Personal loan for pensioners from SBI

(i) For Central & State Government Pensioners

Minimum : Rs. 25,000/-
Maximum : 18 months’ Pension with a ceiling of:

Age Max Loan Amount
= 72 years Rs 14.00 lac
> 72 but = 74 years Rs 12.00 lac
> 74 but = 76 years Rs 7.50 lac

(ii) For Defence Pensioners

Minimum : Rs. 25,000/-
Maximum : 
36 months’ Pension with a ceiling of RS 14.00 lac for Pensioners who are up to 56 years of Age

18 months’ Pension with a ceiling of :

Age Max Loan Amount
> 56 but = 72 years Rs 14.00 lac
> 72 but = 74 years Rs 12.00 lac
> 74 but = 76 years Rs 7.50 lac

(EMI / NMP not to exceed 50% in all the cases for all type Pensioners)

EMI = Equated Monthly Instalments

NMP = Net Monthly Pension

(iii) For Family Pensioners (including Defence Pensioners):

Minimum : Rs. 25,000/-
Maximum : 18 months’ Pension with a ceiling of: 

Age Max Loan Amount
= 72 years Rs 5.00 lac
> 72 but = 74 years Rs 4.50 lac
> 74 but = 76 years Rs 2.50 lac

(EMI / NMP not to exceed 33% in all the cases for Family Pensioners)

EMI = Equated Monthly Instalments

NMP = Net Monthly Pension

Age and Repayment Period – 

(A) For Pensioners:

(i) For Central and State Government Pensioners :

Age at the time of Loan sanction Repayment Period Age at the time of full Repayment
Up to 72 years of Age 60 months 77 years
More than 72 years and up to 74 years 48 months 78 years
More than 74 years and up to 76 years 24 months 78 years

(ii) For Defence Pensioners :

Age at the time of Loan sanction Repayment Period Age at the time of full Repayment
Up to 56 years 84 months 63 years
More than 56 years and up to 72 years 60 months 77 years
More than 72 years and up to 74 years 48 months 78 years
More than 74 years and up to 76 years 24 months 78 years

(B) For Family Pensioners (including Defence Pensioners) :

Age at the time of Loan sanction Repayment Period Age at the time of full Repayment
Up to 72 years of Age 60 months 77 years
More than 72 years and up to 74 years 48 months 78 years
More than 74 years and up to 76 years 24 months 78 years

Repayment Mode for Personal loan for Pensioners –

Standing Instruction to debit the pension account for recovery of the EMIs

Processing Fees for Personal Loan for Pensioners – Nil


Margin: Nil

Prepayment Charges for Personal Loan for Pensioners – 

  • Any prepayment of EMIs in full or in part and closure of account before the end of term will attract the prepayment charges of 3% on prepaid amount
  • No prepayment/ foreclosure charges will be applicable if the account is closed from the proceeds of a new loan account opened under the same scheme

Guarantee for Personal Loan for Pensioners :

(a) TPG of Spouse eligible for family Pension.

(b) In the absence of spouse, TPG of any other family member or a third party worth the loan amount

Insurance : Nil

Interest Rates for Personal Loans from SBI (SBI Saral Personal Loan and SBI personal loan for Pensioners) – 

Other Unsecured Personal Loans Revised (w.e.f. 01.11.2017)
Scheme 2 year MCLR Spread over 2 year MCLR Effective Interest Rate Reset Period
SBI Pension Loan
No Reset
Jai Jawan Pension Loan
No Reset
Pension Loan to coal mines Provident fund for pensioners 
No Reset
Clean Overdraft
No Reset
OD for e-Commerce purchases
No Reset

Security for SBI personal loan– Nil

How Loanyantra Helps with your personal loan – 

Loanyantra, first-ever online loan management company, manages all your loans under one account. Once you decide you want a personal loan, you can give us a missed call on 040-71011991.  Our relationship manager calls you back within no time and calculates your eligibility and also will let you know the best options available according to your priority and preference.

Just relax as we take care of collecting the documents from your home and get all the things done at your doorstep.

Not just that, we also track your loan and let you know how and when you can complete it faster.

All you need to do is just a missed call to 040-71011991.

Personal loan interest rates Axis bank

Personal loan, a multi-purpose loan, in Axis bank comes with different features and also lower interest rates. For the convenience of the customers, Axis bank, one of the fastest growing private banks in India, now does not levy an extra charge for pre-closure or part payment of the personal loan.

A personal loan ensures that you need not go back on your targets that you have set for yourself. Be it the perfect wedding for your daughter, the complete renovation for your new apartment or a fun-filled holiday for your family. Get the best personal loan interest rate with Axis Bank.

Personal Loan Interest rates Axis bank

Here is the list of charges and personal loan interest rates Axis bank details.

Interest Rates & Charges*
Rate of Interest 15.50% to 24%
Loan Processing Charges 1.50% to 2.00% + GST as applicable
Cheque Bounce Charges Rs. 500 per cheque bounce + GST as applicable
Cheque/ Instrument Swap charges Rs.500 per instance + GST as applicable
Prepayment/ Foreclosure Charges Nil
Default Interest Rate @24.00% per anum i.e 2% per month on the overdue installment
Duplicate Statement Issuance Charges

Duplicate Amortization Schedule Charges

Duplicate Interest Certificate
(Provisional/ Actual) issuance Charges

Rs 250 per instance + GST as applicable

Rs 250 per instance + GST as applicable

Rs 250 per instance + GST as applicable

Cibil Report Issuance Charges

Stamp Duty Charges

Rs. 50/- per instance per set+ GST as applicable

As per State Stamp Act

Issuance Charges for Photocopy of Loan Agreement/ Documents Rs 250 per instance + GST as applicable
*(Subject to change as per Bank’s discretion from time to time)
* Goods and Services tax (GST) will be charged extra as per the applicable rates, on all the charges and fees (wherever GST is applicable)
Personal Loan Axis bank Features 
  • Simplified Access – Minimal documentation and quick approval
  • Loan Amount – Minimum Amount  – Rs. 50,000 ; Maximum Amount  – Rs. 15,00,000
  • Loan Tenure – 12 to 60 months.
  • Balance Transfer – Carry over existing loans from other banks to Axis Bank
  • Axis eDGE Rewards – Earn reward points on taking a Personal Loan
Personal Loan Axis bank Eligibility

You have to fulfill certain requirements to be eligible for a personal loan from Axis bank. The documents and eligibility criteria are mentioned below. So go ahead, get the personal loan and watch your dreams come true with affordable personal loan interest rates from Axis bank.

Individuals who can take a Personal Loan from Axis bank

  • Salaried Employees
    • Salaried doctors
    • Employees of Public and private limited companies
    • Public and private limited companies
    • Government sector employees including Public Sector Undertakings and central and local bodies
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Maximum age of 60 years at loan maturity
  • Minimum net monthly income – Rs. 15,000
Documents required for Personal Loan Axis bank
  • Application form
  • Photograph
  • Age proof
  • ID proof
  • Income proof
  • Bank statement
  • Residence proof
  • Signature verification proof

Post-sanction / pre-disbursement documentation

  • Loan Agreement duly signed
  • Standing Instruction (SI) Request / ECS Form. Security Cheques required for SI and ECS

Qualification or registration proof required for doctors, architects, CA, CS, ICWA, MBA consultant, engineers may vary from customer to customer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Loan Axis bank

1. What is the usual time taken for deciding on the Personal loan application?

Axis Bank will convey its decision within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the application provided the application is complete in all respects. The computation of 30 days shall starts from the day on which all documents required for a proper appraisal of the application are provided by the Customer to bank.

2.What are the different options for making the payment to personal loan

You may repay your Personal Loan in any of the following three ways:

  • Standing Instruction (SI): This mode can be used if you have an existing savings, salary, or current account with Axis Bank. You may wish to open a savings account with Axis Bank to use this option. Your EMI amount will be debited automatically at the end of the monthly cycle from the Axis Bank account you specify.
  • Electronic Clearing Service (ECS): This mode can be used if you have a non-Axis Bank account and would like your EMIs to be debited automatically at the end of the monthly cycle from this account.
  • Post-Dated Cheques (PDCs) : You can submit post-dated EMI cheques from a non-Axis Bank account at your nearest Axis Bank Loan Center. A fresh set of PDCs will have to be submitted in a timely manner. Please note Post Dated Cheques will be collected non-ECS locations only.

Axis bank recommends you to opt for either the SI or ECS mode of payment as they both are faster and less prone to error than the use of PDCs.

3. Can you make part-payment towards personal loan or can you pre-close the personal loan? If so, what is the extra charge levied?

Yes, you can make a part-prepayment towards your Personal Loan at your nearest Axis Bank Loan Center. Also, yes, you can pre-close the personal loan. Currently, Axis Bank levies no charge for part prepayment.

4. How do you keep a track of your personal loan? Or how do you get a statement of your repayment track?

You may place request for Statement of Account or Repayment Schedule or Interest Certificate in either of the following ways:

  • By calling the Call Center at any of these toll free numbers (1-860-419-5555 ) (1-860-500-5555)
  • By using your registered email id to write to Axis bank at: loans@axisbank.com
  • In person at any Axis Bank Loan Center.
How Loanyantra.com helps in dealing with your Personal loan interest rates Axis bank

The process for your personal loan Axis bank is as follows.

You can give a missed call to our number 040-71011991. Our customer relationship manager will get into contact with you. As and when you get the call, you can share your requirements.

Our service towards your personal loan axis bank application will be taken forward after a detailed discussion about the documentation process.

We ensure you keep all the documents ready as our executive will reach you to your doorstep for a free home service.

You can relax as we take forward and give you the best lower interest rate possible and also the refund according to the  cash back offer available.

Loanyantra still works for you till you close the loan as we keep a track about your personal loan interest rate till the end. You get a call as and when you can save on your EMI and reduce the interest rate.

Personal loans with us are even affordable and more accessible. All you need to do is just a missed call to 040-71011991.



Reasons to Get a Personal Loan

Personal loan is always an option to look for when you need huge amount for unseen or unknown reasons. Though it is quite expensive, it is accessible. People look up for personal loan for different reasons. Some reasons can be really for true and good while others reasons for personal loan can be for a mere waste such as taking personal loan for gambling is really not a wise decision.

However, loanyantra helps you to find out the real reasons for when to get a personal loan.

The most popular reasons to get a personal loan are :

  1. Paying off debt / To consolidate Debt : You may be stuck up with some long-time pending loans which may be eating too much of your income. Personal loans are handy and affordable as you can avail the personal loan to pay off those debts. Some of such debts may include, credit card bills, car loans, home related loans like home improvement loans,etc.

At times, you might have different loans under different names paying different interest rates. To avoid confusion or if you find clearing all the loans is worth, then opting for a personal loan is best.

Home improvement loan is not given for 35 year old houses or if the applicant’s age is above 60 years. To get a personal loan, the banks will not ask to mention a reason. So, if you need changes for your old house, you can get a personal loan.

Paying credit card bills on-time will not affect your credit score. So, it is always advisable to get a personal loan within your limit and clear off all the debts and bills. This will help you in further loan applications.

Reasons to get a personal loan
Reasons to get a personal loan – Loanyantra’s support to you

2. Medical Emergencies : Nothing is more important or more expensive than health. Your insurance might take time to cover your ill health or your dear one’s expenses or medical bills. Or you must not have opted for insurance ever. So, you can avail personal loan to cover all your medical expenses either the unpredictable ones or expenses to fulfill daily medical expenditure.

3. Perform a Wedding : Now-a-days it is very common to plan well in advance to perform a wedding. But marriage is something you never knew what and where it happens or rather when it happens. It truly is ‘Planning the unplanned’.  The so called investments might not reach the maturity period and you might not be able to be left with cash in hand.

So, irrespective of the plans, you can anytime go for a personal loan to fulfill your heart content style of wedding.

But remember opt for a loan amount to an extent you can repay it.

4. Luxury Needs : Today’s world is in comfort-friendly zone. So, if you are in need of that high-end phone or a laptop, or if you crave for that newly launched car or a smart T.V., you can definitely get a personal loan. Usual lifestyle now in India is having a fun-filled and lovely family time. So, the financial crisis might interrupt your vacation plans.  Personal loans always help you to fulfill all your dream desires.

Personal loans are therefore also known as multi-purpose loans as they may be used for a variety of reasons. The lender does not question the intent of the borrower.

Moreover, loanyantra is always with you to take care of your financial health. We assure you with a lower interest rate and that too with the best bank. Also avail the discount for one full year which will again reduce your interest rate.