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Aditya Birla Housing Finance Home Loans
Aditya Birla Housing Finance Limited (ABHFL) is registered with the National Housing Bank as a housing finance company under the National Housing Bank Act, 1987. The company offers a complete range of housing finance solutions such as home loans, home improvement and home construction loans, balance transfer and top-up loans, loans against property and construction finance. Through their lending solutions, they enable their customers to own their dream home. ABHFL believes in "Your home is where you build memories with your loved ones. It's your own little piece of heaven". ABFHL presents home loans, especially designed just for you.

Know Your True Worth

What is ‘True Worth’?
Buying a house is an investment for life. It's about securing your place in the world; it's about defining your success; it's also about proving your worth. All of these factors together make buying a house one of the biggest decisions in your life, which is why you willingly go through the lengthy process of identifying a property, arranging for finances and making the actual purchase.One of the biggest hurdles in this journey is the value of the property that you set your heart on. It's a possibility that you do not have the required capital to make an outright purchase. So, it's important that you know exactly how much you can make as down payment and the amount of loan you require. This is what we call as knowing your 'True worth'. We believe that your true worth is not just about your income, but a sum of your life's work, dreams, ambition and vision; and your true worth should be the one to determine the value of the home loan that you truly deserve.

Why Aditya Birla Housing Finance?
Most loan providers may determine your loan eligibility based on traditional and cumbersome documents which often do not reflect your true repayment capability, At ABHFL, we assure you of a loan eligibility which is holistic in nature – we will understand your ambitions to grow and unlike other lenders, we are happy to build in assured future income cash flows while taking into account income from various sources other than your primary business. Our team will spend the necessary time understanding your business model in detail and ensure that the loan we sanction is of a value reflective of the inherent strength of the business.If you are working this hard to buy your dream home, the least we can do is recognize your true worth. Don’t settle for less. Know your true worth and get the home your truly deserve!

Income information
Ensure that you consider all fixed and variable income from various sources for you and your co-applicant, if any. This will help us calculate your true worth more accurately. It is also important that you back up your income details with the relevant Income Tax Returns and Form 16 (if you are salaried) and audited financials (if you are self-employed) at the time of documentation.

Repayment track record
Your repayment track record (for credit cards and other loans) play a very important role in determining your credit worthiness and your ability to pay back your debts. Credit Bureaus like - CIBIL, Experion etc. maintain your repayment record. You can check your CIBIL score online on the CIBIL website. Higher the scores, better are your chances of higher eligibility. These scores are calculated on the basis of the number of loans that you take over a period of time, quality of track record, nature of loans etc. Generally a credit score of 650+ is considered to be a good score. These scores though indicative, help us determine your true worth. We do check these scores at the time of processing your loans. Be cognisant and apply prudently.

Transaction history
At the time of loan documentation we ask for bank statements. Maintaining a clear transaction history with minimum bounces gives a clear reflection of your financial standing and helps ease the loan sanction and disbursement process.

Lending institutions considers the value of the property you want to purchase while determining the value of the loan. Higher the value of property, higher the loan eligibility. It also depends on the location of the property, the track record and repute of the builder and the quality of the property.


    Liked the pre-payment alerts and updates on my home loan rates. helped me with my home loan. Even after the loan was disbursed, there was a regular follow ups.I had opted for quarterly, pre-payments alerts and they sent me a detail pre-payment saving charts.It helps me plan my loan pre-payments. Thanks Loanyantra.

    Gopi KrishnaIBM

    Never knew loan process can be this simple. Loanyantra updated about my loan during the processing time. Its very easy to fill their form, easy to navigate and overall very good.

    Sandeep BAccenture

    I liked the simplicity of the website. One missed call helped me to reduce my EMI's tenure by 20-months and best part they shared lots of goodies for referring my friends.

    Kamlesh HalderMcAfee Intel Security

    Aggregation of home loan interest rates is the best part.The procedure of applying home loan was too very simple. Need not spend whole lot of time to approach each and every bank so this site helped me a lot in getting information. Customer service is too good and the website was really informative and i would say this site helps the customers a lot

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