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Apply For SBI Home Loan and benefits of SBI home loans

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”- Maya Angelou

There is nothing more secure, comforting and happier than our own home. Buying own home is dream of many and the home loans have made it easier for many to start living in their own homes. It provides an opportunity to book the house even when somebody has small amount. State Bank of India, being a government bank gives more opportunities and relief to those who wish to apply for home loans. One can easily apply for home loan online and offline. There are various types of SBI home loans like SBI Yuva home loan, SBI Maxgain home loan and many more. Every plan has its own features and eligibility criterion. For instance, the SBI MaxGain home loan gives borrowers the benefit of using their temporary surplus money in their account to reduce the interest payable on their home loans. Let’s assume that there is a home loan customer who has funds for a while in his account but cannot use it to foreclose the loan because of his other obligations in the near future, then that customer can put his same money in the Maxgain home loan account. This surplus amount will be deducted from the principal loan amount due, and the interest for the home loan will be calculated accordingly. The benefit of this is that the surplus parked is available for the customer to withdraw at any time, which will ease up the interest paid with each EMI and it will help clear the loan faster. So, the home loan is sanctioned as an overdraft which will operate like a savings bank or current account wherein the customer can use the account as a regular savings account and maximize savings on the interest. Applying online for SBI home loans has made it easier for customers. The documents required for applying for a SBI home loan, the procedure to apply for a SBI home loan and all other details are available online. However, if you wish to get more benefits on the interest rates and also want to save time during application process then the Loanyantra team is always there to guide and assist you throughout the process. For calculating the eligibility and other essentials for applying for SBI home loans, you can use our calculators here.

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    Liked the pre-payment alerts and updates on my home loan rates. helped me with my home loan. Even after the loan was disbursed, there was a regular follow ups.I had opted for quarterly, pre-payments alerts and they sent me a detail pre-payment saving charts.It helps me plan my loan pre-payments. Thanks Loanyantra.

    Gopi KrishnaIBM

    Never knew loan process can be this simple. Loanyantra updated about my loan during the processing time. Its very easy to fill their form, easy to navigate and overall very good.

    Sandeep BAccenture

    I liked the simplicity of the website. One missed call helped me to reduce my EMI's tenure by 20-months and best part they shared lots of goodies for referring my friends.

    Kamlesh HalderMcAfee Intel Security

    Aggregation of home loan interest rates is the best part.The procedure of applying home loan was too very simple. Need not spend whole lot of time to approach each and every bank so this site helped me a lot in getting information. Customer service is too good and the website was really informative and i would say this site helps the customers a lot

    Indraneel PeratlaGE Health Care