Dussera Celebrations – Nine Days of Joy And Fun Around

Dussera – The festival that the whole state celebrates as Navaratri, for nine days. The biggest festival indeed for many states in India. The kids run around in the wide open places, enjoy their holidays to the fullest, the adult kids decorate the home with colorful garlands and attractive hangings, the ladies at home prepare mouth-watering dishes, the businessmen at home make the best moments with their respective traders. The celebrations become wholesome on this last day, the  Dussera Day with a Gowri pooja in the morning and with the best family get-togethers, eating together, having fun and games together and spending the rest of the day in utmost joy and fun.


The Importance Of The Day

Usually, the Dussehra day falls in the month of September or October. This day also coincides with the immersion of Idol of Goddess Durga and culmination of 9 days of fasting. With so much fun and skylarking spread during this festival, it also spreads an important message to the people. The day is a celebration to commemorate the victory of good over sin, end of evil and obscurity. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Rama had put an end to the evil rule of Ravana and freed his wife Sita from the shackles of Ravana. Also on this very day Goddess Durga killed demon Mahishasura.


People recite Sundar Kaand, a part from the Hindu holy scripture, Ramayana, for five days. Yajnas or rituals are performed with a belief that Yajnas keep the house clean and healthy. Some perform Sandhyavandanam three times a day to keep the heart, brain and digestion balanced.

Another story associated with Vijayadashmi comes from Dvapar Yug when Pandavas lost against Kauravas in a dice game and had to spend 5 years in the forest, with their identity hidden. Pandavas hid their weapons in the hole in a Shami tree and entered the Kingdom of Virat to complete the final year of exile by revealing their true identity and recovering their weapons. Since then, the weapons are worshiped on Vijayadashmi.

The day is also celebrated as the homecoming of Goddess Durga.

The Days Of Celebration

Dussehra also marks the culmination of 9 days of fasting. On the 10th day, Dussehra is celebrated. Each of the 9 days is devoted to Goddess Durga and her various forms.

Days And Different Forms of Goddess Worshiped.

  • The first day or the Pratipada – Shailaputri Maa.
  • The second day or Dwitiya – Maa Brahmachari.
  • The third day or the Tritiya-  Maa Chandraghanta.
  • The fourth day or the Chaturthi-  Kushmanda Maa.
  • The fifth day or the Panchami – Maa Skandamata.
  • The sixth day or the Shasthi – Maa Katyayani.
  • The seventh day or the Saptami- Maa Kaalratri.
  • The eighth day the Asthmi-  Maa Maha Gauri.
  • The Ninth day or the Navmi- Siddhidatri Maa.

The tenth day or Vijayadahsmi is the day when the final puja happens and is marked by immersion of the idol of Goddess Durga. Many people also perform Kanya Puja, nine girls representing nine forms of Goddess Durga, as a girl-child is represented as a pure basic creative force.

On the Dussehra Day, Wishing You All Success and Triumph Over Evil. May This Happiness and Wisdom Stay With you Forever.

What is Autumnal or Spring Equinox?

Not every day’s duration is same as every night’s duration. So, how many of us like to have a long day or a long night. Long day is good if we have a lot of works to do. After a long day, it is human nature to wish for a long night to have a sound sleep. Ya, irrespective of age, most of us love to have long days when it is a birthday or any other special occasion whether a celebration or a festival.

But a date when the duration of day and night is same.. exists. It is called Autumnal Equinox. Around the globe, in every place, the length of the day is same as the length of the night. Autumnal equinox is also referred as Vernal Equinox. Earth’s northern hemisphere’s spring is the southern hemisphere’s autumn, and vice versa. Hence, the name autumnal or vernal (spring) equinox.

autumnal equinox_loanyantra


What is Autumnal Equinox or Vernal Equinox. 

Earth revolves around the sun and rotates around itself with a slight tilt in the body. Hence, it is obvious, when earth revolves around the sun, the earth faces all the directions of the sun, north, west, south, east. So, when the equator of the earth faces exactly the northern part of the sun, autumnal equinox occurs, which means the length of the duration is longer than the usual days, and autumn because the change of season occurs from this day.

Why is the length of the day and night same?

When Earth revolves around the Sun, the sun rays reflect on earth and hence forms day. Similarly, when the Earth cannot face the Sun, it remains dark and hence forms night.


From the Earth the Sun appears to be like a disc, due to its huge mass, rather than like a point of light. As the Earth rotates around itself, the Sun also rotates not as a solid body, but it spins deferentially. That means that it rotates faster at the equator of the Sun and slower at its poles.  The Sun follows a lower and lower path through the sky each day until it is there for exactly 12 hours. This point in the Sun’s path occurs on or before two days of September 23 and is called the Autumnal Equinox.  So, the Sun rises exactly in the east and Sun sets exactly on the west. Which means the Sun is visible to the viewer form the Earth for 12 hours and invisible for the rest of the 12 hours and hence form equal day and night.

Continuing to follow a lower and lower path through the sky (with the days getting shorter and shorter), the Sun reaches a point (called the Winter Solstice, occurring on December 21/22), beyond which it can’t go any lower.

Though cannot personally experience the equal length of day and night, by anyone, can have a psychological satisfaction if you wish to rest for more as the night on this date is longer than any other date.

Why Should You Invest In Immovable Property?

Immovable property refers to any immovable object or any item of property which can’t be removed from its place without altering or destroying the object, any property that is affixed to the ground for example, land or a building.

Acquiring Immovable Property

Acquisition of any type of immovable property by any person who is not residing in India but is of Indian origin (an NRI) or any person of Indian origin, can be an excellent form of investment as the real estate market, unlike in other places of the world, is constantly on the rise. NRIs or PIOs can only acquire commercial/residential properties and not any type of agricultural land, farm, house or plantation properties. Property can be acquired through the means of a purchase with the permission of the RBI, as an inheritance or as any gift of a piece of property. Agricultural land, farm houses or plantation property cannot be given as a gift to an NRI or POI.

Transferring Immovable Property

Transferring any immovable property can be done by a variety of methods. Transfer by sale is one of the most popular methods, where the property can be sold to any person who is residing in India with due permission from the RBI, as a gift to any resident of India and through any mortgage to a dealer or a finance institution after receiving prior approval of the RBI. If you hold any agricultural land by inheritance, you can sell it to a resident of India who is also a citizen only with prior approval of the RBI.

Why should you invest in immovable property?

Immovable property is one of the best sources of investment that you can make. It is a form of security and can be used as a nest for a rainy day since it can be sold or transferred. Since the value of real estate in India increases with time, investing in immovable property if you are a Non-residential Indian or a Person of Indian Origin or even a Indian resident can be an extremely sound investment that gives you excellent returns on your investment.

Documents required for purchasing immovable property

Buying a piece of land or any property is one of the most challenging and important decisions that you will make in your life. While there are a lot of legal notices and paperwork involved in the process, if you are able to grasp the nuances, you can reap the benefits. You will need a very clear title and paperwork that includes but is not limited to the parent deed of any piece of property which is necessary in order to trace the origins, the deeds of conveyance, records of mutation, the record of the rights of the property holder, the Survey and the Village map, the land index survey report, a Tippani, avoid certificate of tenancy and of acquisition, a valid conversion order and paid receipt of the same, Receipts for tax returns, Khatha, a copy of the approved plan for layout, the certificate order of release of site and the encumbrance certificate.

Thus, immovable property can be an asset that will increase value over the years and give great returns. With proper documentation, you can ensure that you make a solid investment that is bound to give you great returns.

Why is Your Co-applicant’s Credit Score Important For Your Home Loan?

Most of the prospective home loan customers are left distraught with the loan application rejection by the banks. One of the major reasons for the rejection of home loan application is attributed to bad credit score. If you are taking out a home loan jointly then it is necessary for even the co-applicant to maintain a sound and healthy credit score. Co-applicant can be spouses or business partners who are looking forward to purchase a property by securing a home loan.

Who can be your co-applicant?

A co-applicant can be described as a person who applies along with the borrower in order to secure a loan. It should be noted that a co-applicant can’t be a minor in any case as in legal fashion, a minor can’t be brought under a contract. Most of the banks offer a number of relations which can act as co-applicant when filing for a home loan. This includes parents, husband and wife, parent and son. 

The importance of credit history of co-applicant

Banks always make a detailed check of the credit report of both the borrower and the co-applicant when you apply for a home loan. All the necessary information will be checked thoroughly and decision of whether or not to offer home loan to the prospective customer will be taken. Bank will look into the salary slip, balance sheet and other credit information for both the borrower and co-applicant.

In simple words the credit score helps in determining the customer’s borrowing behavior in a true way. If you have a good and healthy credit score but the co-applicant is a willful defaulter or happens to be late in making payment then it will adversely affect your chances of securing the home loan. Banks always get extremely cautious when they check a lower credit score for lending a home loan. Thereby it is necessary to maintain a strong financial track record of both the co applicant and borrower while applying for a home loan.

Smart steps to establish a good credit history

Establishing a good credit history is quite easier than you think. Just follow the below mentioned simple guidelines and you will be able to secure home loan without much difficulty within a short time.

  • Make sure that the bills are paid in timely fashion as late payments are viewed quite negatively by the loan providers.
  • Keep the balances low and maintain a relatively healthy mix of the credit.
  • Make sure you do not apply for home loan after getting new loan sanctioned recently as this will be viewed as a credit hungry behavior.
  • Make sure even the co-applicant has not taken out a loan recently while applying for a home loan.
  • It is necessary to review the credit history on frequent basis throughout the year.

If the borrower and the co-applicant follow all these simple steps then they will both possess a sound credit score which will boost their chances of getting a home loan approved without much hassle.

What is An NBFC? Their Growth in Home Loan Sector.

Non-Banking Financial Companies are commonly referred as NBFC which offer certain types of banking services. NBFC does act like financial institutions but it doesn’t hold a banking license thereby they are not allowed to take deposits from the public. NBFC doesn’t offer core banking services like taking deposits but it offers other banking services like loan and credit facilities, underwriting, money markets, retirement planning and merger related activities. NBFC is going through a boom period wherein their overall credit grew by 10% from 2004-05 to 2014-15. This growth has been the result of the significant spike in the home loans and commercial vehicles loan sector in the given period.

Reasons for the Rise of NBFCs

The banking sector has been a dominant force in the various loan sectors and hasn’t been challenged by anyone worth noting. But the sudden rise in the NBFCs is seen as eating off the profits made by the retail banking institutions. NBFCs rise is majorly seen in the home loan segment which was the backyard of the core banking institutions. Statistics indicate that in the home loan sector the share of the NBFCs has gone up from mere 26 percent to a remarkable 38 percent within the years 2009 and 2015. While in the commercial vehicle financing sector this percentage has risen from 42 to 46 percent which brings a huge dent in the profits of the core banking institutions.

#1. Knowledge of market

The major reason behind the rapid rise of the NBFCs is that they tend to have closer connection with their prospective customers than other financial lenders. NBFCs are found to be extremely rooted to the ground as well as the market which helps it in offering wider range of loan products to varied types of customers across different geographical locations. In simple words NBFC has mastered the so called art of lending to its customers through sheer intelligence and diligence.

#2. Catering the specific need of customers

Shriram Finance and Mutooth Finance corporations are great examples of successful NBFCs who created their own brand in NBFC sector within a short while. Another reason for the rise of the NBFC is attributed to the fact it caters the need of self employed customer base that couldn’t come up with adequate income proof is a pre-requisite of getting loans approved by core banking institutions.

#3. Strong customer relationship

Strong customer relationship is another factor which has helped NBFC in becoming more appealing to its customers. Majority of first time customers at the NBFC tend to get in touch with the senior managers and officials which simply isn’t possible at the large banks. Such easier access to the officials not just adds to a better customer relationship but also makes customer more willing to pay additional 1 percent of interest, where the process is faster, easier and hassle-free.

These reasons play a vital role when a customer is opting for a home loan. NBFC has shown strong performance in the housing and commercial vehicle loans sector which have made it an integral part of our financial system over the time.

What is A Hybrid Home Loan? Banks Which Encourage Hybrid Home Loan.

In the current economical situation, banks are finding it tough to retain the customers. Thereby, they are indulging in innovative and attractive products. Hybrid home loan is one such product where people get features of both fixed and floating types of loans merged into one entity. In simple words, borrower of such hybrid home loan will be required to pay fixed interest rates in the first and second years and later on floating rates will come into effect. ICICI and HDFC banks have already started offering hybrid home loans with different features and interest rate offers to lure the prospective customers.

The Process Of Procuring Hybrid Home Loans

Buying hybrid home loans is as simple as buying any other loan product but the process is a bit different due to the dual interest rate feature. Banks might ask customers to sign separate loan agreement forms- one for offering the fixed interest rate and another for the floating rate of interest. Most of the banks will remove the hassle of making customers sign multiple documents for a single loan. They will certainly combine them into one agreement which can be filled and signed without wasting the precious time.

Like any other loan product it is vital to read and understand the terms and conditions present in the agreement before signing it. Under the hybrid loans many banks offer the option of foreclosing the floating component attached to the loan if interest rates tend to move up. Some of the banks even offer the opportunity of converting the floating rates into fixed if interest rates go uphill.

Floating home loans are for those who possess high risk appetite thereby opting for hybrid loans will be seen a wise decision. You would be required to keep a track on the changing interest rates and make sure that the EMIs are easier to come up with. If you fail to keep a tab on the floating interest rates in the later period, then you might get surrounded by unwanted problems.

Legality of Hybrid Home Loans

Rumors that have been surrounding the legality of hybrid home loans have been snubbed by the RBI with a swift verdict. RBI has stated that hybrid home loans or the loan products offering dual interest are legitimate in nature but it has to abide the rules set by the RBI. Banks are relieved with this clarification and they are hopeful that the people will understand the benefit of choosing the hybrid home loans in the scenario of increasing interest rate present in the country.

Furthermore it should be noted that the floating rates attached with hybrid home loans are carefully linked with bank’s base rate which means they can be reduced further if there is a cut  in the minimum lending rate. Currently hybrid home loans are offered by ICICI Bank with one and two year fixed options while HDFC offers three years and five years fixed options. SBI and Bank of Baroda also offer Flexi home loans which are a kind of hybrid home loans.

The Role Of An RBI Governor. Who Is The Successful One Till Date?


The economy is a very sensitive organism and it is best balanced and maintained by the RBI governors of India. The financial status is checked by the governor of the RBI. It is a pretty big burden for all governors to stabilize the financial condition. The task for a succeeding governor may often turn to be a herculean task if the previous governor messed up with the economical condition. Coming from a strong background of economics, they need to put their best step forward to match up to the expectations.

So what are the tasks involved for an RBI Governor ?


  • Stability Maintenance


This is the prime objective of the working governor. Being the head of the iconic bank, the governor must ensure to balance the economic condition of the country.


  • License for the New Banks


Well, the license to open both private and foreign banks must be granted by none other than the head of the RBI. So he must have to look deep the pros and cons for setting up of each bank.



  • Interest Rates Maintenance


The most important of all – the interest rates, is also maintained by the governor. The governor is in charge of controlling the rates of deposit and other savings account.


  • Monetary Control


Without the permission of the governor, not a single penny can be transferred to other places. The governor sets all the parameters upon which the financial system works. All these are properly maintained by the governor.


  • Regulation Of Foreign Exchange


The governor decides the rates based upon which the foreign trades will take place with other countries. Along with the important discussions, the payment decision is the final the way governor decides.


  • Rules Review


The governor has to review the rules and maintain the policies to make them more public-friendly. The main task is to ensure that the common mass do not face any problem.


  • Monitoring  The Flow Of Credit


The governor has the duty to look into the credit flow into the various sectors like the rural, agricultural industries. He sets the policies and terms which the small scale industries will have to agree. All the banks like rural and other banks are also monitored by the governor.

Who Is The Successful One Till Date

There have been numerous governors of RBI ever since its inception. Everyone tried to pull out the aces up their sleeves in order to restore the financial condition of the country. The name which stands out among the RBI head is none other than Dr. D. Subbarao whose tenure was for two terms, from 6 September 2008 to 3 September 2013. For stimulating the growth, he had cut down the repo rates from 9% to 5% in his early seven months at the helm.

The policy for fiscal consolidation by tapering the monetary position and spending cuts is highly noteworthy. He advised the government to keep a sharp watch on the foreign banks and their policies. The most remarkable achievement in his tenure is that he kept the lending rates higher and which helped to check the inflation and also maintain the rupee depreciation. This in turn helped to improve the economy of the country.

When talking about the challenges for the twenty-fourth governor of RBI, Dr. Urjit Patel, it should also be kept in mind that his moorings are as monetarist as his predecessor Rajan’s were, and he is considered to attach the same importance to inflation control as did Rajan.


Home Loan Repayment Solution for a Divorcee.

Life as we travel is not as smooth road as dreamt. Partner who promised to be with you for life long might not like to travel on the same road. The journey going forward, partners might have travel on different roads. Its a tough time emotionally and financially.  It is the time to share the asserts that were created during the journey and burden of liabilities accrued to fulfil the dreams for the future.

When you are planning for a divorce , the assert to be in future like home which is backed by present liability of Home Loan has to be carefully planned.

When you have planned to move on, is your home loan on you and your spouse’s name ? Are you a co-applicant for your spouse’s home loan ? Have you planned for a repayment ? Have you thought of an option if your spouse doesn’t pay the EMI ?

It has become very common to name your spouse as a co-applicant in any of the mortgages. The loan can be either personal or a home loan, immaterial, it is always important to deal with your liabilities as you deal with your assets before going for a divorce.

Divorcing your mortgage isn’t an easy task. As long as lenders get the default payment, they don’t care about any issue. So, firstly, let your lender know about your agreement, if you will to keep the home after the divorce. Or if you wish not to be a co-applicant for your spouse anymore.

If you wish to keep the home loan existing and if your spouse doesn’t want to be a co-applicant, then assess your salary and make sure you are eligible for loan on the outstanding loan amount. If you don’t fulfill the lender’s criteria, you need to replace your co-applicant with someone who is eligible and who fulfils the criteria. Till then any bank or any financial institute do not accept for the transfer of your loan.

home loan if divorce_loanyantra.com

If you have a good credit history, and if you think you can repay the debt without any co-applicant’s help, refinance your loan, as a sole owner of the property, by transferring to a new bank or any financial institute and start a fresh home loan.

If you wish not to be a co-applicant, let your lender know it. Handover all the divorce details to the lender and get the written information needed. If you have missed doing this, and got divorced. Make sure you do not have a problem in repayment.

How can you solve if you have an issue repaying the loan after divorce.

Due to a recent change in the “Marriage Law’s”, while a couple goes for a divorce, the property earned, before and after marriage, by a husband should be equally shared among wife and husband. So, the immovable property, a house also should be shared equally between husband and wife. So, it all depends on the couple how they share the liabilities before they get divorced.

  1. Sell the house, repay the loan, and share the remaining amount, if any.
  2. If you want to retain the house, decide who should pay the EMIs and till when.

What if your spouse doesn’t repay the loan after the divorce. Can you repay?

homeloan solution for a divorcee_loanyantra.com

If your answer is yes to the question, then dare to retain the house.

This is really a big decision in life and you need to be strong during every aspect and solve cleverly. If a wife got enough property from the husband after the divorce, save and make good investments for any future home loan repayment issues. Also, court grants alimony basing on factors like the wife’s employment, lifestyle, parental status. So, instead of blindly having faith on the ex-husband, it is better to save for the unseen issues.

If you are running out of financial help, it is time for you to stay strong and forget your dream home. So, go to the lender, and showcase your divorce details, and withdraw as a co-applicant. This will help you come out of the muddle. 

So, before taking the big step in your life, understand and forecast the unseen happenings and plan among your responsibilities, assets as well as liabilities.

Happy Onam.

Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, brings in joy and unlimited fun in every house. The festival is celebrated in the Malayali month of Chingam ( Aug-Sept).

Apart from the celebration, Onam has a legendary history and is the reflection of faith of people of Kerala. Merriments of Onam continue for ten days. The first day or Atham and the last day, Thriu are the most important days. 

Rituals of Onam:
The first day or Atham – The first day of Onam, Atham, marks the beginning of the celebrations. The day begins by offering prayers followed by creating a Pookalam, the flower carpet. With each passing day flowers are added to the Pookalam making it have a gargantuan appearance on the final day. The pookalam on this day is called Athapoo, done by girls in the courtyard and is done to welcome King Mahabali .

The last day or Thriu Onam-Preparations for this day kick starts by adding the final line for their respective pookalam and making it attractive by adding colorful flowers. The celebrations include cooking delicious dishes with the first harvest. The tradition of the youngsters enjoying swinging on the swing made with flowers is still a great time in villages of Kerala. Also the eldest member in the family present the gifts of harvest to all the family members. These presents can be vegetables, plantains, coconut oil etc and the special gift is called ‘Onakazhcha’ in Malayalam.

Image result for onam images

The day observes celebrations by dance and games which represent power. The women perform a special dance known as Kaikottikali and Thumbi Thullal. Thiruvonam or conical figures from sticky clay and are painted red. These conical figures are adorned with rice paste and are placed in the front courtyard. The conical figures represent the figure of Gods and are called as ‘Trikkakara Appan’.
Some of the common skylarking observed in Kerala during Onam includes games like Vallamkalu or the snake boat race and events like Kummatti kali and Pulikali. A dazzling display of fireworks adds to the celebrations. The whole state of Kerala appears to be engulfed in the bright lights and spirit of fun, frolic and prayers during Onam.

With the pookalam growing big on the floor, with vallamkali and pilukali on full swing, let this year’s harvest give you the best taste to your Onasadya.

Happy Onam.

Eid Mubarak.

The festivity of Bakri-Eid

Eid-ul-Zuha or Bakri- Eid or the Festival of Sacrifice is an important celebration for Muslims which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. And India is the third largest Muslim populated country where Eid-ul-Zuha is celebrated.

The history behind Eid-ul-Zuha:

The festival is often termed as the feast of sacrifice and the reason behind the same; this festival is celebrated as a remembrance of the Prophet Ibrahim who was asked by Allah to sacrifice his son Ismaeel. Prophet Ibrahim had agreed to do so but he was revealed that this was just a test of his loyalty and he could sacrifice a ram instead of his son since then the tradition has become an integral part of Islamic religion and is celebrated by Muslims across the globe.

Importance of Bakri – Eid:

The festival begins with a congregation of Muslims at the Mosque where they offer prayer to Allah in the morning, post this they greet each other and then the festival of Qurbani or Sacrifice begins. The sacrifice is a religious rite and begins by slaughtering an animal and offering it to God. Depending on the region, cow, sheep, goat and camel sacrificed on the day. As per the tradition, the meat of the animal is divided into three portions, one is kept by the family, one is shared with friends and family and the last portion is offered to the needy one. The whole tradition of the festival Eid-ul-Zuha lies in caring and sharing and enhancing the feeling of charity. In India, usually, goats are sacrificed on Eid-ul-Zuha and hence are popularly known as Bakri-Eid.

The festival is marked by food fueled streets and festive markets where people flood in to celebrate it with great zest and zeal. Not only this they exchange greetings, enjoy scrumptious food and exchange gifts.

Enjoy the surprising Eidi and end the fast with delicious sweets. Pray and rejuvenate your bond with the Lord.

Happy Bakri-Eid!!!