How It Actually Happened – The Loanyantra’s Story

An experienced banker, Harsha, was performing his duty with respect to the banks and also to the end customers. He was aware of the customers problems and knew the banks’ tips regarding home loan. It was his passion to help the customers, in his best means, to get through the loan process as fast as possible.

On his way towards life, came a tech savvy customer, Vijayananda Reddy, who knew a little about home loan. His thirst was to come out of home loan as early as possible. He observed that his 2 year old home loan interest rate was higher than the market interest rate, loan tenure was increasing as the interest rate increases and no change in the loan EMI. So, the intelligent techie Vijayananda Reddy  quoted two issues to Harsha, the intellectual banker,

  1. I want to reduce my ROI to the present market ROI which is comparatively lesser than my ROI.
  2. I want to keep myself updated about the changing ROIs by different lenders.

Harsha, as his responsibility, is very positive and responsive in solving Vijayananda Reddy’s issues with utmost care and with a hassle-free process. The bright engineer thought he could be helpful to many home loan borrowers by automating this process and by bringing awareness to them.

There rose an initial seed for LOANYANTRA.COM. The two bright worlds banking and IT came together to create a customer friendly home loan process which includes automated, technology oriented home loan management. took its shape in January 2016 and started operating from T-hub, Hyderabad. Proud to be a chosen start-up for t-hub. Also victoriously winning the hearts of the investors.

Now, with its motto, pay less, pay fast, going ahead successfully with a team of 8. The well planned business strategy not only helps the home loan customers but also guides them to save to the maximum on their home loans.

The LoYans, as they call themselves, have processed 70 cr. loans majorly from Bengaluru and Hyderabad. They want the online home loan management to reach to all those 80% online users in India.

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