Dussera Celebrations – Nine Days of Joy And Fun Around

Dussera – The festival that the whole state celebrates as Navaratri, for nine days. The biggest festival indeed for many states in India. The kids run around in the wide open places, enjoy their holidays to the fullest, the adult kids decorate the home with colorful garlands and attractive hangings, the ladies at home prepare mouth-watering dishes, the businessmen at home make the best moments with their respective traders. The celebrations become wholesome on this last day, the  Dussera Day with a Gowri pooja in the morning and with the best family get-togethers, eating together, having fun and games together and spending the rest of the day in utmost joy and fun.


The Importance Of The Day

Usually, the Dussehra day falls in the month of September or October. This day also coincides with the immersion of Idol of Goddess Durga and culmination of 9 days of fasting. With so much fun and skylarking spread during this festival, it also spreads an important message to the people. The day is a celebration to commemorate the victory of good over sin, end of evil and obscurity. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Rama had put an end to the evil rule of Ravana and freed his wife Sita from the shackles of Ravana. Also on this very day Goddess Durga killed demon Mahishasura.


People recite Sundar Kaand, a part from the Hindu holy scripture, Ramayana, for five days. Yajnas or rituals are performed with a belief that Yajnas keep the house clean and healthy. Some perform Sandhyavandanam three times a day to keep the heart, brain and digestion balanced.

Another story associated with Vijayadashmi comes from Dvapar Yug when Pandavas lost against Kauravas in a dice game and had to spend 5 years in the forest, with their identity hidden. Pandavas hid their weapons in the hole in a Shami tree and entered the Kingdom of Virat to complete the final year of exile by revealing their true identity and recovering their weapons. Since then, the weapons are worshiped on Vijayadashmi.

The day is also celebrated as the homecoming of Goddess Durga.

The Days Of Celebration

Dussehra also marks the culmination of 9 days of fasting. On the 10th day, Dussehra is celebrated. Each of the 9 days is devoted to Goddess Durga and her various forms.

Days And Different Forms of Goddess Worshiped.

  • The first day or the Pratipada – Shailaputri Maa.
  • The second day or Dwitiya – Maa Brahmachari.
  • The third day or the Tritiya-  Maa Chandraghanta.
  • The fourth day or the Chaturthi-  Kushmanda Maa.
  • The fifth day or the Panchami – Maa Skandamata.
  • The sixth day or the Shasthi – Maa Katyayani.
  • The seventh day or the Saptami- Maa Kaalratri.
  • The eighth day the Asthmi-  Maa Maha Gauri.
  • The Ninth day or the Navmi- Siddhidatri Maa.

The tenth day or Vijayadahsmi is the day when the final puja happens and is marked by immersion of the idol of Goddess Durga. Many people also perform Kanya Puja, nine girls representing nine forms of Goddess Durga, as a girl-child is represented as a pure basic creative force.

On the Dussehra Day, Wishing You All Success and Triumph Over Evil. May This Happiness and Wisdom Stay With you Forever.

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