After all my research about home loans in India I have come to the conclusion that every bank has its negative so which bank is the least problematic?

Every bank and every loan product has advantage and its own disadvantage.

When you are selecting a bank , you nee to be clear on what you want.

  1. Faster processing of loan. With all the documents in place
  2. Faster processing of loan. With some documents in place
  3. No processing fee and other fee
  4. Want more LTV. More Loan eligibility
  5. Lesser Interest rate
  6. Need OD home Loans. Smart saver
  7. No other charges in future
  8. Need to add co-applicants like Mother, Father, Brother or even Father-in-law and others
  9. With Bad credit score with all NOC in place
  10. Less charges and overhead while processing the loans
  11. Easy to pay Part-payments and accepts any amount as part-payment
  12. Easy to foreclose the loan
  13. In future want to avail top-up loans
  14. Want interior loan with the same rate of home loan.
  15. Pre-sanction of the loan.
  16. Loan for property in the outskirts of the city.
  17. Loan for the property with deviation.

Based on above, you would have only few products and few banks which you give you hassle free loan.

I would recommend you check your eligibility on home loan comparison portals like LoanYantra | Get Home Loan Online and they would help you in choosing the right home loan.

If you plan your loan well, you will be able to close it faster and home will be fully yours.

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