State Bank of India cuts the processing fee till 31-March-2017

SBI Home Loans no processing fee for New Home Loans and for Balance Transfer till 31st March 2017.

State Bank of India to boost the volumes of Home Loan business for the last quarter of the 2017 financial year, SBI had launched a special campaign for Home Loans. Under the Home Loan campaign, Processing Fees on all Home Loan proposals(both takeover and new) sanctioned and partially/fully disbursed upto 31-Mar-2017 will be filly waived. The waiver of the processing fee will also be made available to proposals sourced upto 31st March 2017, provided the loans are partially/fully disbursed latest by 30th April 2017.

However , the processing Fee at the applicable rate will be recovered upfront in respect of all Pre-Approved Loans(PAL) and the same will be refunded to the customers by way of credit to the loan account in respect of all PAL proposals source during the campaign period upto 31-Mar-2017 and partly/fully disbursed on or before 30th April 2017

SBI Home Loan
SBI Home Loan

With the decrease in the MCLR for 1-year to 8.00% was itself a big boost to the Home Loan customers. But increase of the margins from 0.10% to 0.60% has added heavy burden to the home loan seekers. Most of the customers are still seeing the fall in the Home Loan rates from 9.10% to 8.60% which is like a mirage which is a short term profit and long term loss compare to the customer who had taken loan in Dec-2016.

Let me explain in detail,  Before I tell you, why customer who had taken home loan in Dec-2016 is better rate then present. I would like to explain, how the interest rate is set. Interest rate consist of 2 components.


Interest Rate = 1-Year MCLR  Rate + Margin Rate

Recent announcement was :  1-year MCLR Rate : 8.00 %

Margin Rate  was : 0.60 %

So effectively the Interest rate was set to  8.60 %  = 8.00 % + 0.60 %

What is 1-year MCLR ?

When we avail a loan with 1-year MCLR,  it’s 1-year Fixed loan. Which means any changes in  MCLR during that 12 months, your home loan will not be affected. For example if you availed home loan in Dec-2016 your interest rate change will be only in Dec-2017. So any change , decrease of MCLR or increase of MCLR, your home loan rate will not change during this 12 months. In Dec-2017 your home loan rate will get updated based on the 1-year MCLR during Dec-2017. Again next change will be next year Dec-2018 and this would continue till closure.

What is the Margin Rate ?

Margin Rate is what Banks take as the operational costs. It gets fixed when you have taken.  For example if you had availed home loan in Dec-2017 your home loan should have been 9.00% (8.90 + 0.10) your margin should be only 0.10 %. So your Interest rate would be 1-year MCLR + 0.10% for ever.

Now let’s compare your home loan with the new rates

Year 1-Year MCLR Customer who had taken in Dec-2016 time frame. Customer who had taken in Jan-2017 time frame.
Dec-2016 8.90 % 9.00 % (8.90+0.10)
Jan-2017 8.00 % 8.60 % (8.00+0.60)
Jan-2018 If 7.50 % in Dec & Jan 7.60 %(7.50 + 0.10) 8.30 %(7.70 +0.60)
Jan-2019 If 8.60 % in Dec & Jan 8.70% (8.60 + 0.20) 9.05% (8.60 + 0.45)
Sep-2019 If 9.25 % in Sep & Jan 9.35 %(9.25 + 0.10) 9.85%(9.25 + 0.60)

It would continue till the closure of the loan.  What we are seeing right now is, Short term profit and long term loss. People who convert to new rate without the long calculation they would start to pay every year 0.50% more than December rate.

1-year-MCLR had decreased drastically only due to demonetisation. Hopefully we need not stand in long Queues every year. Mostly its once in lifetime event.

Instead of banks making profits due to demonetisation drive they should have passed on the benefits to the end customers.

Hope to see cut in the Margins in coming days. Happy home Loans.

This complex calculations and to understand what is long term profit & short term loss versus short term profit with long term loss is better to be left to the professionals. is best at this. We will wait for the margins to come down, then we would recommend the right change that would ensure you save the most on your home loans…

Happy Home Loaning…


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