Surprising Stories About Loanyantra in CREDAI Property Show, Hyderabad.

A Hyderabad based start-up, booming all the way, leaving memories in varied successful stories, had bagfull of achievements in CREDAI Property Show which had taken place in Hyderabad, recently.

credai show hyderabad_loanyantraThe three day property exhibition aimed at bringing major builders, in the city, together under one roof show-casing in their respective kiosks their upcoming and going on properties which are worth investing across different places.

Loanyantra’s Meet With Honorable Minister KTR

What is the best way to invest in an immovable property is to go for a loan. What is even more important once you are into a loan is managing it with low interest rates and low EMIs. It is always a pleasure if there is a personal manager who looks after the loan process, loan management and informs you about all the details of your loan.  This start-up does exactly such stress-buster work. And with no paper work. Yes, a Fintech company, first time ever in India, takes care of all your home loan needs online.

Orgnaic Home Loans

This made the audience for the show as attractive as the properties exhibited.  You would surely sit in your couch and manage your loan with the alerts sent by LOANYANTRA.COM., within one year, with  2500+ customer base is helping the home loan borrowers and stretching itself wide becoming famous across all major cities in India.

ktr credai show_loanyantra

Loanyantra being one of the selected start-ups for T-HUB, Hyderabad, also attracted the Honourable cabinet minister KTR (Kalavakintla Rama Rao), who visited the CREDAI show to inspire and motivate the participants. The CEO and Founders, K. Vijayananda Redddy and Harsha Raghavendra, of could meet and greet with him and showcase Mr. KTR, the achievements of his baby, LOANYANTRA.COM, which could come with the help of his brain-child, T-HUB. Honourable cabinet minister KTR Jii signed on Loanyantra play card and wished Loanyantra team all the best for future. Gets To Meet The Predecessor of Bobbili Royal Family.

The team, the LoYans, as they represent themselves did an excellent work in driving the ideas home to a number of customers and varied customers. With the interesting and innovative concept, combined with teamwork, attracts high profile customers turn venture capitalists.

This is a story with one such varied customer who wants to be a venture capitalist.

It was mid-day, a weekend, the whole Hyderabad is in the midst of taking rest, planning for the rest of the day, starting to visit nearby places. CREDAI show in the city which was an attraction for the weekend, pulled not only the Hyderabadis, but also many investors around Hyderabad.

bobbili royal family_loanyantraLoYans were at work. There came a customer who is interested in knowing the concept of as a startup. He looked like a wise old man with very simple outlook. Infact, a down to earth human being, asking different things and knowing different aspects about Loanyantra. The CEO took charge of explaining him about every detail and each process. The man still stood there amazed and attracted with the job.  As is the process, knowing the Bobbili-Bobbili Fort_loanyantracustomer base, then came the real identity of the man. He asked CEO, “Do you know, whom you are speaking too?” with smile on his face. CEO said, “Sorry Sir,  I am not able to remember.”. He said, “I am from Royal family and I am Zamindar of Chikkavaram”.  He belonged to the Royal Family of Bobbili Kingdom, near coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. Bobbili Kings were popular for the bravery. The palace is known for the architecture. The Zamindari fixed an idea in the mind to invest in Startup. Vijay went ahead and explained about the Start-Up echo system and about how t-hub which is hub of startups. The investment decision might not be decided yet, but the fascination by such noble and renowned people was ever surprising and memorable. It was pleasure for the Loanyantra team to get in contact with such legionaries and also make an everlasting image in their mind.

LoYans at work during CREDAI Property Show in Hyderabad on Aug-13, 14 & 15.

Work + fun = Loanyantra

Loanyantra At CREDAI Property Show Hyderabad
Loanyantra At CREDAI Property Show Hyderabad

Loanyantra At CREDAI Hyderabad At Work (6) Loanyantra At CREDAI Hyderabad At Work (7) Loanyantra At CREDAI Hyderabad At Work (1) Loanyantra At CREDAI Hyderabad At Work (2) Loanyantra At CREDAI Hyderabad At Work (3) Loanyantra At CREDAI Hyderabad At Work (4) Loanyantra At CREDAI Hyderabad At Work (5)

Loanyantra At CREDAI Hyderabad Fun (1) Loanyantra At CREDAI Hyderabad Fun (2)

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