Personal Loan for Infosys Employees

Personal Loan for Infosys Employees
Working with one of the leading IT firms always comes with an added advantage. Well, here I am talking about Infosys, a company which is one of the most renowned IT firms. For it, the employees are its biggest asset, and the Infosys company has left no stone unturned to keep Infosys employees happy and maintain a healthy work culture.

Did you know that Infosys is the third largest IT service company as per 2016 revenue report? Infosys has spread its wings in various areas like business consulting, pharma, aerospace , defence services and is now working in the area of Blockchain. Apart from offering innovative services and business solutions, Infosys makes sure that its employees are satisfied and have a proper work-life balance.

Infosys Software for Banks-
Infosys has been rendering innovative IT solutions in various domains and Banking is one such sector where we can find a popular software named Finacle being used. This software was developed by Infosys and is currently used in around 85 nations across the globe. This software aims at improving the products and making the banking operations seamless. With the help of this software, the banks can launch their products and services quickly. It becomes easy for the customer to target their customers using this software. The turnaround time for banks gets drastically reduced with the help of this software. Finacle lowers the product deployment time. With the help of this software. The banks can deploy their products in weeks instead of months. It also helps the banks to break their technology silos and cut down on the duplication of applications and thus reducing their cost of operations by making the entire process seamless.

Personal loan for Infosys employees interest rates are a bit low when compared to the market rate.
Personal loan for Infosys employees interest rates are a bit low when compared to the market rate.

Infosys Employees benefits from loans schemes-

  • One of the biggest benefits Infosys employees have at Infosys is that they enjoy work-life balance which is not only reflected in their work culture but at the same time the company also provides them special leverages which add to the employee benefits. One such aspect is a personal loan.

Infosys employees enjoy special personal loan benefits which include:

  • Lower personal loan rate for Infosys employees at 12.99% which is around 2% lesser than the normal market rate.
  • Easy repayment tenure for personal loan for Infosys employees. Loanyantra helps you in managing the repayments and closing the loan on time without paying a penny more.
  • Infosys employees can get finance ranging from 50 thousand to 20 lac
    Personal loan approval within 2 hours. Going through Loanyantra adds more benefits by reducing the interest rate even more and through cahback offers.
  • Lower interest rate who has a salary of Rs.75,000 or their net monthly income is in the similar range.
  • Infosys employees need not run through burdensome paperwork for sanction of loan, a minimal paper work needed and going through Loanyantra helps you with its doorstep facility which needs no roaming around banks.
  • ICICI bank offers a lower interest rate of 11.49% if the employee has a salary account with ICICI Bank.

Tabular Representation of Personal Loan Interest Rates for Infosys Employees – 

Bank Name Personal loan Interest Rates for Infosys Employees
Union Bank of India 13.40% per annum for salaried individuals.
Standard Chartered Bank Starts at 11.99% p.a.
Bajaj Finserv 11.49%  per annum
  • 13%
Bank of India 12.40% to 14.40% per annum
ICICI Bank 11.49% to 22.00% per annum
Canara Bank MCLR + 5.45% per annum
State Bank of India 12.50% to 16.60% per annum
United Bank of India 14.85%
IndusInd Bank 11.25% to 26.00% per annum
Kotak Mahindra Bank 11.5% to 24% per annum

Special companies offer special leverages to its employees. Infosys offers a seamless process of loan sanction and approval. There is a minimal paperwork and quick approval, but there is some basic criteria that the Infosys employees need to fulfil to get a loan.

Personal Loan for Infosys Employees Documents – 

  • Identity Proof – The Infosys employee needs to produce Identity Card at the time of submission of documents. You can submit either Voter ID, Passport, Driving Licence or Aadhar Card.
  • Address Proof – Address proof can be of any type which shows your present address details like Passport , Electriciy Bills, Water bill, Rent Agreement or Ration Card. Address proof is important as there is a checking done before the loan sanction to confirm the address proof.
  • Income Proof– Salary Slip of last 3 months or Bank Statement of last 6 months. It is easy if you have a salary account with ICICI bank. Also Loanyantra’s expert is with you till your loan disbursement for any doubts and clarifications with your loan process.
  • Tax – Form 16 or last filed ITR

Personal loan for Infosys Employees Eligibility – 

Eligibility criteria varies across lenders depending on the borrower’s profile and relationship with the bank. General requirements for Personal loan for Infosys Employees are outlined below:


Particulars Eligibility Infosys Employees Personal Loan
Age 23 years minimum to 58 years maximum
Income Rs.17,000 (Rs.25,000 for tier I cities)
Credit Score Above 750
Minimum Loan Amount Rs.75,000
Maximum Loan Amount Rs.20,00,000

Personal Loan for Infosys Employees – Extra Fees and Charges

The approval of the loan includes various kinds of fees which apply to everyone, even on the Infosys employees.

Here are some of the fees that the Infosys employees are subjected to pay :

Processing fees– This fees are usually charged by the banks to press your application. It may be a bit lower for the IT employees, but they are also subjected to pay processing fees. These fees depends on the loan amount.

Pre-Payment Charges: This amount is usually charged by the lender in case the borrowers wish to prepay the loan before the closings tenure.
Payment Delay Charges: This is the penalty which is charged from the people in case they are not able to pay the loan amount on time.

Here are the details about some of the top banks in India for Personal loan for Infosys employees –

Bank or Financial Institution Name Interest Rate Processing Fees Loan Amount Tenure Pre-Closure Fees
TATA CAPITAL 10.99% – 25%


NIL 20 Lac maximum 1-6 years 0
HDFC BANK 10.99% – 21.25%


Up to 2.5%( Charged one time) 40 lac 1-5 years Pre-closure fee = 4% of principal outstanding (plus applicable tax) in 2nd year.
ICICI BANK 11.00% – 18.25%


From .75% (min. ₹999 + applicable tax)

(Charged one time)

20 lac 1-5 years 5% of principal outstanding
Bank of Baroda 11.35% – 16.35%


1,000 to ₹10,000

(Charged one time)

1L – 10L 1-4 years Nil pre-closure fee after 6 months
Bank of Maharashtra 12.70%


1% (min. ₹1,000)

(Charged One Time)

1.5L Max 1-3 years
IDBI Bank 12.55%


1% + applicable tax

(Charged One Time)

50K – 10L 1-5 years Optional Pre-closure
YES BANK 14%Fixed NIL 20 lac maximum 1-5 years Conditional pre-closure only after 6 months
Axis BANK 15.50% to 24% 1.50% to 2.00% + GST as applicable Min. Rs. 50,000/Max. Rs. 15 lacs Up to 5 years NIL
SBI Personal Loans Scheme (SBI Saral Scheme): 8. 50% above Base Rate floating 2.02%-3.03% of the loan amount. 25 lac 5 years
Bajaj Finserv 13.99% to 18.00% Up to 2.25% of loan amount plus GST 1 lac-18 lac, the upper limit of personal loan can reach up to 25 lac based on applicant income 1-5 years NIL

The lower of the two amounts given below: 1) 5% of principal outstanding or 2) Interest outstanding for the unexpired period of the loan.

Personal Loan for Infosys Employees EMI Calculator – 

EMI calculation is a must for everybody irrespective of how much you earn. It is important to calculate the EMI first for your loan and then to decide for yourself as to how much you can pay from your salary. Loanyantra has every calculator which show you a graphical representation about your EMI once you enter your details. This helps in making your decision clear w.r.t  how many years, how much interest rate, how much EMI and which bank.

Even the minute discount in interest rate reduces the EMI and vice versa the minute increase in Your EMI will reduce the tenure of your loan.

For example, if you want a loan of 5 lakhs, the interest rate for personal loan is 11.5%, the tenure is 5 years, then the emi stands for 10,599.

Loanyantra’s Tip – Increase your EMI to Rs. 11,00o, it reduces your tenure to 54 months from 60 months resulting in Rs.60,000 saving from paying to Bank. Become a customer and manage your loan through Loanyantra’s tips by the experts.

Personal Loan for Infosys Employees Credit Score – 

How to check whether you are eligible for loan or not. Well, whether you are working in Infosys or no, banking and financial institutions have certain set parameters which one must fulfil to avail the personal loan. This involves complete documentation, falling in the eligibility criteria specified by the banks and finally the credit score.

A good credit score is a must for anyone to apply for a loan to get it approved. Credit score showcases your credit health and your financial position to repay the loan on time. Thus, it is always advisable that you must check the credit score before applying for personal or any other type of loan. The minimum credit score for a personal loan for Infosys employee is 750. Always check your credit score before applying for the loan. Otherwise, applying for loan and rejection from bank will again adds for bad credit score. If you have a bad credit score, pay your bills, insurance premiums and other EMIs on time for 6 months. Check the score after 6 months and for sure you find an improvement in your score. Apply for loan to experience a complete process.

Loanyantra’s Tip on Credit Score – Too many times checking your credit score also will reduce your credit score.

Loanyantra matches your credit and demographic profile to the lender’s criteria such that your application gets shortlisted in no time from the suitable lender. Loanyantra also does the pre-screening of the application as per the specifications of the bank.

So, if you are looking for a personal loan and are worried about the entire process, connect with Loanyantra for offers and the best advices ever and solutions. Our range of services covers all aspects of the loan process right from the application, finding the banks providing the lowest interest rate. We also help you with the preparation of entire documents that would be required at the time of loan application. Connect with us today for more information.