5 Tips to sell your home fast! Learn how to keep house sale on track!

Pankaj, a 30 year old smart guy, have been staying happily with his family in his home for over 5 years. He has a son whom he is thinking to join for schooling. His son got an admission in a school to where he has to travel for an hour from his house.  Pankaj doesn’t want his son to travel so far everyday. So he decided to take a new house near his son’s school and sell off his present house. Emotional Pankaj, tags a ‘for sale’ board to his house. It’s been three months, the tag is still hanging. He doesn’t know what went wrong for the situation. So, he starts browsing about his need. He finds an article that answers his queries.

Here it goes

Your house is a home filled with love and affection for you. But for the buyers, it is a house, just a house. Once your home is on sale you need to keep a track and insure you get to closing with minimal to no hiccups. Mess something up and you may find yourself without a buyer or with the buyer walking away after the deal implodes.

This article provides  needed tips to sell your home and also explains how to keep your home sale on track.

Tips to sell your home

1. Inspect it

Without question, the number 1 thing a seller can do to prevent delays on selling their home is to ensure that the owner has the list of verified documents prior to placing the home on market. This is to ensure the potential buyers that they are acting in good faith and have all required documents.

List of documents needed before you hit the ground.

1. Original sale agreement ( to make sure there is no outstanding loan on this property)
2. NOC from the society for sale of the flat ( to make sure the society is formed and is in existence)
3. Share certificates issued by the society.

4. Occupation certificate issued by the municipal corporation

5. Plan approval/sanction certificate

6. Proof of payment of all municipal taxes, society charges and electricity bills upto date to make sure there are no outstanding dues.

7. Income tax receipts from the seller to make sure he has paid all the income taxes and has no restriction to sell his property.

8. Lawyer certificate, if any of the original documents were lost

2. Price it 

In real estate, slow and steady wins the game. If you rush the sale and don’t get your property in decent enough shape, you will miss an opportunity of getting more money from it. If you let your feelings get a hold of you and dictate the price, you’ll not only miss the chance to sell, but also have that mistake follow you, for the future, possible transaction. 

So, it is absolutely positively essential that your home is priced correctly from day one. Remember that over priced homes take longer to sell and often sell for a much smaller percentage of the original list price.

3. Prepare it

To make the house ready for the sale, the must do things are cleaning, painting, and decluttering. Your home must truly be ready to show before it hits the market. You cannot do anything with the location, but keeping the home clean and tidy with all the modifications done, would attract the buyer. You only get one chance to make a first impression and this is especially true when selling a house!

4. List it

For those who want to keep their home sale on track,  it is good to have an experienced real estate professional in your corner. Since there are so many pieces to a real estate transaction, it is critical that you hire a professional who has experienced nearly every possible scenario that is possible.

5. Communication 

If you have an agreement with the agent, make sure you are in constant communication with all those who are involved in your home sale process.

Hence, when going for a home sale, ensure that you are not in a hurry while pricing . Ensure that you are on the correct path by taking experts decision. If you cannot take the burden or if you are running out of time, its better to go with a professional real estate agent.