What are the Documents Needed While Registering a Property.

The purchase and possession of the property is a strenuous task and demands a lot of paperwork which seems like a mountain of challenge for the novice. Here is a list of documents required for registration of land, registration of apartment and the documents you need from the builder after the purchase of the flat.

All property related documents need to be registered in sub-registrar office, by law. The sub-registrar offices are responsible for the maintenance of records of all the property documents that are registered.


Documents required for the registration of land:

Firstly, ensure that the title deed is registered within the timeline mentioned in the agreement. Apart from this there are different documents that mandatory for a successful land registration:

  • Original title deed. 
  • Previous deeds- A proof of ownership in term of fard/jamabandi/old registry/intkal is required
  • Property Tax receipts
  • Torence Plan (optional) It’s a detailed plan of the purchased property. This plan is prepared by a licenced surveyor. The plan contains accurate details about the measurement of property.
  • 2 witnesses
  • Duly filled and signed patta transfer application with court fee. (Rs.7/-)  
  • Registration fees, sub-division-fees, computer fees etc.
  • In the case of purchase of agricultural land, the patta pass book/ 10(1) from Tashildar is required.
  • ID card of witnesses(for power deed only)
  • If the land costs more than 5 lakh then the seller needs to submit PAN card and Form 16 at the time of registration. In case the PAN card is not present at the time of registration, Form 60/61 needs to be submitted.

Documents required for the registration of an Apartment

  • Sale Deed or Title deed or Mother deed or Conveyance Deed
  • Records of Rights and Tenancy Corps or 7/12 extract
  • A receipt showing the payment of stamp duty as per the market value of the property.
  • Income tax clearance certificate
  • NOC as per the Urban Land Ceiling Act
  • Katha Certificate and Extracts
  • Mutation Register Extracts
  • JDA or Joint Development Agreement
  • Photocopy of all the previously registered agreements ( applicable in case of resale property)

Documents your builder should hand over to you after the purchase of the property.

The following is the bucket list of documents that you should demand from the builder :

  • Commencement certificate
  • Approved Plan
  • Joint Development Agreement
  • Sharing Agreement
  • Chain Deed of last 30 years
  • Khata extract/Mutation certificate
  • No Due letter.
  • Allotment letter
  • Possession letter
  • Nil Encumbrance certificate(EC)/Search Report
  • Updated tax receipts
  • Occupancy certificate(OC)
  • Copy of your registered Deed

Once you have all documents in place, property registration process is going to be a cakewalk for you. Happy registration.

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