Why I don’t drive to office instead choose Ola Share and Uber Pool ?

These days most of my friends are travelling to office by Uber Pool or Ola Share rather than driving there own cars. One gets a luxury of not driving in the traffic, utilising the travel time and travelling at cheapest cost.

Why I choose Uber Pool and Ola Share over riding my own car is for a very different reason that you will surely fail to guess.

Firstly, I get a chance to spend 30 Minutes to 1-Hour with a most of the young hardworking entrepreneurs who have put there car in online car portals.  All of them by profession might be same but every one has a story, every one working hard on the road to generate more money. A journey that gives me a good way to start a day and end a day as an entrepreneur.

Secondly, revealing one of our secret sauce of lead generation is, Uber Pool and Ola Share are the cheapest source of lead generation for us. During the travel, I get to speak with at least 2 co-passengers about Loanyantra and give tips. Fortunately or Unfortunately they don’t have no other option but listen or be part of the discussion. Where else can you get 100% engagement of the customer for so long. Normally I keep it very interactive and tell about how we started it and how startups work. Once I introduce my self as one of the founder of the startup of Loanyantra, mostly my co-passengers get into the conversation. Till today everyone had dropped there mobile number or have taken my visiting card for the Home Loan correction.

Thirdly,as the famous Bangalore local quote, “If you throw in stone a street, it will either hit a Dog or a Software engineer. “. In both the cities Hyderabad & Bangalore lot of the young software engineers are using Uber Pool or Ola Share to travel. What would be better place it can be to interview few bright faces while on travel. Still not fortunate in hiring due to different skills. I forward few of the bright CV to my friends startups in T-Hub.

Last but not the least, when the world is moving towards digital the common interaction with the strange has reduced drastically. Here I get to meet new friends get to know what they are doing. Sometimes new insights. One occasion I got to meet one of the top bank Customer Relation Manager who is handling business loan portfolio of Rs 2000 Cr. His insights into the business and process was one of the best interaction I had in the travel. Hope to have more of such great interactions.

Loanyantra Uber Pool Ola Share
Why Loanyantra Co-Founder & CEO uses Uber Share & Ola Share instead of driving his own car.

Happy travelling and happy pooling and happy sharing… My journey continues… Hope to see you as one of the co-passenger soon… 🙂


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