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Are you in need of urgent funds for a significant personal expense? In that case, a personal loan might be a good and convenient option. You do not need to offer any collateral or security and can use the loan amount as you desire. You could use the loan amount for any personal expense - an expensive vacation, improving your business cash flow, consolidating your card debt, a child’s wedding, buying an expensive gadget, medical treatment, or sudden loss of income. If you are planning to apply for personal loans, then you might be considering various factors like the personal loan interest rates, best banks for personal loans and personal loan eligibility. This whole process of analysing which one is good and how should you go about the final process can get little hectic. If you are above 22 years of age, then only you clear the personal loan eligibility criterion. Also, one should have a steady income. Different banks offer different plans for personal loans with different interest rates and other benefits, choosing the best one for you out of all can require little bit research. At Loanyantra, we save that time of yours. Loanyantra is India’s first and only online market place that monitors and manages your loans. Loanyantra is the transparent online marketplace for instant customised rate quotes on personal loans. At Loanyantra, we help you choose the best personal loans in your city and apply for the same in a hassle-free way. We guide you about the EMI or interest rates, keeping in mind your existing personal loans (if any). Also, our payment alerts and updates on personal loan rates has helped our users tremendously.
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