Structed & organised Home loans, which will protect your financial health.

#OrganicHomeLoans benefits

Hassle free loan process is the word we want you to vouch on, this is what we do and what we want to give to you. Also you will will be elgible for a cash back upto र 50,000/- from LOANYANTRA after the loan disbursement.

Loan Monitoring is our day to day monitoring unit for our client’s loan we make sure that you never pay more than the current market rate. We will mail you or call you at regular intervals and update market trends and discuss existing rate of interests, services and new loan requests. You never pay more than required if you are with us.

We use a very uncommon thing called common sense, you pay 3 EMI’s extra every year and a 20 year loan will close in 11 years.
Part payment alerts are our calls for clients to help them gain freedom earlier and easier.

We are world lovers, we donate र 500/- * to a charity after every successful र 1 Crore disbursement.

Green lovers too, we plant a tree and issue a green certificate to every client after the loan disbursement.

Apply new home loan Loan Rate Shield Balance Transfer
Upto   Upto    

र 50,000/-


र 500/-


र 50/-

Cash back on loan disbursement   Charity donation + Tax benefits
under Section 80(c )
  We plant and care for a tree in your name and give you a certificate of  appreciation.

Our relationship with you does not end with a loan disbursment, instead it starts with choosing a right loan and continues till you close your loans. In the process of this journey, we have a few exclusive offers for you, which you can avail only as a LOANYANTRA client: